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OMEGA 5 right
Gas Analysis | OMEGA 5 | Bruker

High-performance scientific instruments and analytical and diagnostic solutions to explore life and materials at molecular level.

FOURIER™ CrimeLab – Benchtop FT-NMR for Forensic Laboratories:
Benchtop FT-NMR for Forensic Laboratories
OMEGA 5 RIGHT cropped 600x600
Gas Analysis on the next level.
Testing dairy homogenizer efficiency by analyzing the mean fat globule size
Pre-calibrated, high precision IR milk analyzer for the needs of today’s dairy industry
Bruker’s latest benchtop 3D X-ray microscope based on micro computed tomography technology
The new high-precision analyzer for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen
Dimension IconXR
Dimension XR
New Dimension XR Family of Scanning Probe Microscopes
Ultima 2Pplus
Ultima 2Pplus
A Complete Optical Workstation for In Vivo Multiphoton Imaging
The new EDXRF analyzer for the petrochemical industry
timsTOF Pro
timsTOF Pro - Powered by PASEF
The new standard for high speed, high sensitivity shotgun proteomics
G4 ICARUS Series 2, Combustion Analyzer
G4 ICARUS Series 2
Clean, fast and efficient combustion analyzer with ultimate detector technology
High Spatial Resolution Analysis from Carbon to Americium
The new S6 JAGUAR, an exceptionally powerful and versatile benchtop WDXRF spectrometer
Decision Superiority for CBRNe Operations 
Maximize data, minimize stress in LC-MALDI sample preparation.
scimaX MRMS
Taking science to the max
MetaboScape 3.0
MetaboScape 4.0
New layers of insight into untargeted Metabolomics
INVENIO - Next generation R&D FTIR spectrometer
Next generation R&D FTIR spectrometer
DE-tector flex
DE-tector flex
Portable Trace Detection System for Explosives and Narcotics 
ELIO - Portable Micro-XRF Spectrometer
The portable X-ray fluorescence solution for elemental analysis of large objects 
TargetScreener HR
TargetScreener HR
The comprehensive screening solution for complex samples
EIGER2 R 500K Detector
D8 Family with EIGER2 R 500K
The next generation Hybrid Photon Counting detector for the most powerful XRD platform.
nanoElute System
Unbeatable when it comes to data-dependent and data-independent bottom-up proteomics, Proteoform profiling for biomarker discovery and Validation, Intact protein characterization and Glyco- and phospho-proteomics
SCiLS Lab - the leading Software for Analysis of mass spectrometry
S8 TIGER XRF 600x600 home
S8 TIGER Series 2
Ultimate performance and flexibility
in elemental analysis
Micro ESR a small portable research grade instrument
The microESR is a small, portable research grade instrument
PET Insert home
PET Insert
Trusted Preclinical MR Combines with Revolutionary PET Performance
Elute LC series
Elute LC series
Ultimate precision for mass spectrometric applications
rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse
rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse
rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse ™ - Accelerate uHTS with Mass Spectrometry
Advanced 3D analysis of EBSD/EDS data
The new software package for advanced postprocessing and visualization of 3D EBSD/EDS data cubes.
D8 ADVANCE - X-ray Diffraction
Easy switching between all XRD applications
TRACER 5i 600x600 home
Handheld XRF Elemental Analyzer System for Advanced Applications and Research
Easy-to-use, confocal, multi-laser Raman imaging microscope with various acquisition modes to optimize speed or spatial resolution
Customer Insight Hopf
Prof. Dr. Carsten Hopf

“From MS imaging to MALDI MS-based drug discovery, my work follows a path between the two worlds of industry and academia, to solve some of the most complex questions from both sides, using advanced MS technology from Bruker.”

Dr. Ulrich Hintermair, University of Bath
Dr. Ulrich Hintermair
Watch this video interview with Dr. Ulrich Hintermair, University of Bath. They use Flow-NMR spectroscopy to investigate catalytic systems under realistic conditions. It opens the door to whole new findings.
Dr. Per Andrén
Dr. Per Andrén

"Our use of Bruker´s MS instruments provides the medical research community with the tools to visualize exactly what is going on in diseased tissue, particularly in the brain. MS Imaging is now also vital in our drug discovery and development work."

Erin Crowley
Erin Crowley

“By implementing Bruker’s MALDI Biotyper, we can provide our customers with fast, accurate and trustworthy molecular identification of microorganisms in their food products, allowing them to make crucial decisions rapidly.”

Professor Massaya Ikegawa
Professor Masaya Ikegawa

“For the work we do, particularly our neurological research, the rapifleX instrument is vital. Without its superior resolution we could not obtain the highly detailed images necessary for visualizing peptides in the brain.”

Sally-Ann Poulsen
Prof. Sally-Ann Poulsen

“The instrument from Bruker brings high performance and flexibility for faster analysis, saving time and money while producing richer datasets for small molecule analysis.”

Dr. Julian Langer
Dr. Julian Langer

"The instruments from Bruker go above and beyond what is currently available in the field - we are working with the specialists at the highest level to bring forward novel solutions to questions in membrane proteomics."

Prof. Alain van Gool
Prof. Alain van Gool

“Bruker really takes the lead as mass spectrometry Technology providers – they facilitate our key objective of making a real impact on healthcare and help us put patients at the heart of our translational research.”

Prof.Dr. Volker Auwaerter
Prof. Dr. Auwärter

“… Our co-development of the Toxtyper™ solution has provided us with ultrafast identification of drugs
and toxins using LC-MSn, for our research and service needs.”

Dr. Ying Ge
Dr. Ying Ge

“... we showed that the extreme resolution capabilities with Bruker solariX XR™ are beyond what can be achieved by other instruments.”

Dr. Michael Böttcher
Dr. Böttcher

“We rely on Bruker’s robust LC-MS/MS solution, the Toxtyper™, to rapidly analyze biological samples for drugs and drugs of abuse, with unprecedented accuracy”.

Isabella Felli
Isabella Felli

"While focusing on the subject of IDPs, I was impressed that all we know is largely driven by the technology we have."

Patricia Beaune home
Patricia Beaune

"With the NMR profiling, we are using only one method, in 20 minutes, where previously it took six days."

Bernard Siow home
Bernard Siow

"Dr. Siow estimated that with about 30 minutes training and a good protocol, a non-MRI expert can operate the ICON"

Prof. Jonathan Sweedler
Prof. Jonathan Sweedler

"For mass spectrometry imaging, Bruker´s Technology leads the way. In particular, their MALDI imaging instruments have incredible figures of merit that other vendors don´t come close to."

Malte Drescher
Malte Drescher

"The main feature of the EMXnano is that is it easy to use."

Imperial College
Imperial College London

"The latest generation of Bruker NMR instruments gives us staggering day to day and long term reproducibility and reliability of spectral acquisition, coupled with the ability to do automated digital quantification of multiple metabolites."

Prof. Craig Rice
Prof. Craig Rice

"The most vital aspect for the successful study of metallo-supramolecular self-assemblies is the production of 3D crystal structures. The solid-state 3D structure is the definitive proof of the correctness of the structure, and the chemistry related to it."

Prof. Bohari M. Yamin
Prof. Bohari M. Yamin

"... our new D8 QUEST again pushes the limits still further and we get high quality data from smaller, weakly diffracting samples in shorter space of time."

Prof. Kannan Krishnan
Prof. Kannan Krishnan

Advances in the field of MPI: an interview with Professor Kannan Krishnan

Prof. Paul Roesch
Prof. Paul Roesch

"The Aeon 1 GHz is a breakthrough for our studies of the interaction of transcription factors with bacterial RNA-polymerase. With a molecular mass exceeding 450 kDa, this is one of the largest heteromeric protein systems ever successfully studied by NMR."