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Luna Fonzo

Luna Fonzo is looking forward to the final stage of her apprenticeship as a Design Engineer at Bruker. She is just about to start the 4th year of the program and is excited about completing and presenting the project that will combine everything she has learned and mark her 'graduation'. After this, Luna would like to stay at Bruker and put her skills and knowledge to use working on the company's products of the future.

Luna is based at our NMR Center of Excellence in Fällanden, just outside Zurich in Switzerland. But back when Luna started, she didn't know anything about NMR - or the multiple applications it is being put to use in healthcare and pharmaceutical research, environmental science and food and beverage quality assurance. She said, "I came to Bruker on what we in Switzerland call a 'Schnuppertag' - a quick look around - and was fascinated by some of the applications of NMR. I found it incredible that NMR can be used to test the origin of wine and honey, and check that a product hasn't been altered in any way. It was so exciting!"

Luna applied for one of the 24 apprenticeship spots that Bruker offers every year and was delighted when she heard that she had been offered a place in the program. In Switzerland (as in Germany where Bruker also runs a successful apprenticeship program) the choice to move from school to an apprenticeship rather than progress into full-time study is a popular option. Most professions can be learned in this way - and completing an apprenticeship is an important stage in being considered a 'Meister' or master of your chosen career.

At Bruker, Luna now spends one day a week (Friday) in school, and four days a week working at the company. Starting in November, during every Thursday afternoon, she will visit the school to prepare for the final project called IPA. She has gained experience in all areas of the business and had the opportunity to learn the cutting-edge technologies that will be used in future product generations. Luna said, "We are encouraged by our tutors to learn not just the theory of new techniques such as 3D printing, but to gain practical experience of using them - either by Bruker providing the equipment in-house, or by organizing trips to specialist companies that are leading in these fields."

Having always been interested in all things mechanical - in her spare time she rides and maintains a Motocross off-road motorbike - Luna is confident that her experience at Bruker has put in place the groundwork for a successful future.