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Why Should Apprentices Choose Bruker?

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Back in 2018, Jonas Streckfuss contacted Bruker about the programs available for students finishing secondary school, having known he had always wanted to work within the business. At the age of 18, Jonas joined Bruker's Industrial Clerk apprenticeship - a three-year program in which he will qualify as a certified industrial clerk.

Having studied English, German, Accounting and Economics at secondary school, Jonas was awarded an apprenticeship at Bruker in 2018 upon completely a technical college entrance certificate. Like other apprentices, his time is divided into two to five-week blocks at Bruker, which he spends between vocational school, the Ludwig-Erhard school in Karlsruhe, and onsite at Bruker.

So why Bruker? Now 20 years old, Jonas said, "I wanted to join Bruker as it is the worldwide leader in its field. The variety of products are fantastic. It is excellent to get the possibility to be educated across a lot of different departments of the company. It is a perfect way to see the differences within the company - because every job has a different focus.

During my time so far at Bruker, I have always been warmly welcomed into each department and have enjoyed learning about different aspects of the business. Having had a great experience so far, I'm excited to finish my three years with Bruker as a certified industrial clerk from which point, I can progress my career here further."

At Bruker, our training and apprenticeship programs are second to none, and we are extremely proud that many of our talented apprentices go on to have long-term careers with Bruker.