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Petroleum and petroleum fractions such as resins, asphaltenes etc. are analyzed on the molecular level by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry. The compounds in complex mixtures are ionized using different ionization methods such as APPI, ESI, LDI. This information is converted to the molecular composition by software such as PetroOrg or Composer, which are available from a third party.

PetroOrg© Software

PetroOrg is a chemically intelligent, state of the art software developed specifically for petroleum data analysis acquired by mass spectrometry.

PetroOrg provides a platform for automated, unequivocal elemental composition assignment, automated generation of classic Petroleomic diagrams, automated report construction, and much more (brochure and workflow).

Corilo, Y. E. PetroOrg Software; Omics LLC; All rights reserved.

PetroOrg Software

Composer Software

Sierra Analytics' Composer software is a state of the art processing and visualization system for assignment of chemical composition to FTICR-MS spectra of complex hydrocarbon mixtures.

Developed in collaboration with researchers at the National High Field FT-ICR Spectrometry Facility at Florida State University's National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Composer embodies the analysis and presentation methods developed over years of research and documented in dozens of publications (brochure).

Sierra Analytics