VIP Protection

VIP Protection

The Protection of VIP's

The protection of VIP's is not just concerned with visible threats but the use of explosives and the chance of violent encounters must also be considered. Less visible, but potentially more life-threatening are the including chemical and biological materials and radiation challenges. Bruker offers a blend of significant technologies to guard against the effects of the deployment of such weapons.

Personal Chemical Threat Detector

The Bruker μRAIDplus is a small, compact, battery operated chemical agent detector. Weighing just 950g the device detects all chemical weapons, riot control agents and a range of toxic industrial chemicals including chlorine; all of which can harm VIP's and their party.

Room-based Chemical Threat Detection

For the event where VIP's are attending, additional chemical threat detection for the whole delegation can be afforded by the use of a Bruker point detector system. These devices, designed to be operated 24/7, can be mounted on a moveable pedestal, for example near to the dais, and provide detection and alarm capability for the duration of the meeting.

Wide Area Chemical Threat Detection

The Bruker RAPIDplus can be deployed to detect chemical threat over large distances, and is ideal for monitoring streets and avenues through which VIP parades pass. With a range from just a few metres to several kilometres, this passive system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with an integrated video camera the control room can direct the sensor to cover the general parade or to focus on specific spots where suspicious activity is detected.