Maritime Pollution Detection

Protecting your Pollution Vessel

Pollution Response, or Chemical Recovery Vessels with Bruker detection systems are deployed by many nation states to identify the toxic nature of pollution incidents, whilst protecting the crew complement and helping to manage post-event countermeasures. A typical installation on a Chemical Recovery Vessel (CRV) comprises a combination of a Bruker RAID-S2 detector, a Bruker E²M mobile mass spectrometer, multiplex controlled sampling lines and a series of dedicated third-party electrochemical gas sensors to monitor specific chemical compounds.

The Bruker system surveys the air around the ship, as well as post CRV filtration, by means of five sampling lines. These take atmosphere samples from two external and three internal points, and operate continuously, 24/7.


The RAID-S2plus family of detectors are designed to detect very small concentrations of gaseous chemical substances in the air and to provide an alarm at a defined concentration level.







The E²M Mass Spectrometer System identifies over 210.000 unique chemical compounds. It offers a valuable, high quality resource for maritime pollution identification/response control, giving laboratory-standard data from a robust, field-proven package.