Protecting your Submarine

The Bruker Submarine Nuclear and Chemical Detection System (SNCDS) is a highly-specialised, stationary system for the detection of nuclear radiation and chemical agents, which has been specifically designed for the demanding environment of submarine installations. It comprises a chemical agent warning system based on the Bruker RAID-U2plus, two radiation probes and further components and accessories. The chemical Agent warning system operates through a snorkel system that has been extensively proven on multiple submarine installations.





The RAID-U2plus is used for detecting Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) in the atmosphere outside the submarine. The system is integrated to the boat using a bespoke sampling system designed exclusively for submarine applications. When the vessel first surfaces, atmosphere samples are drawn in via a telescopic pipe and initial CWA/TIC measurements are taken. When running at periscope depth, CWA/TIC measurements can be performed continuously on the outside air. Depending on the configuration, air samples can be drawn either from the telescopic pipe or from the snorkel.




Radiation Probe

Two Radiation Probes are used for gamma radiation detection; one inside and one outside the submarine. The external probe is configured to withstand the high pressures experienced when submerged.


In nuclear-powered submarines, the batterypowered Bruker SVGps hand-held radiation meter can be deployed for general radiation detection duties.