Warship NC-Detection

Bruker as Innovation Leader

Bruker is the acknowledged world leader in the design, development, configuration and supply of detection technologies for surface vessels. Choose from the capabilities below to defend both your most valuable naval assets and their crew complement.


Protecting the citadel occupants by detecting all known chemical warefare agents, the RAID-S2 detector is configurable to meet your needs. For example, by detecting breakthrough in the CBRN filter system, this product gives early warning of a toxic threat inside the citadel.

Radiation Probe

IT System

The IT module of the Naval NC-detection system collects and manages the relevant sensor data, facilitates the operation of the sensor system, and provides an interface to the ship management system.

The Bruker Radiation Probe is a gamma dose-rate detector that mounts to the superstructure and has IP66 protection. This detector outputs data over RS422 and can be integrated directly to the ship’s IT system.

Successful Installations

Bruker Detection products have been installed successfully in major warships around the globe; protecting both the vessel and crew. In addition to a range of chemical detection systems, Bruker also offers on-line biological agent detection systems, radiation detectors and trace explosives detection. All our products are designed to help you protect people and property. Please contact Bruker to establish how your project can benefit from our capability.