Intact protein characterization

Accurate Mass Protein Characterization

The accurate determination of the molecular weight of an intact protein is fully supported in PRIME. It provides a number of highly relevant biological informations which are not easily accessible with  bottom-up approaches, likepresence of proteolytic variants or distribution of modification patterns (phosphorylation, glycosylations etc.).

Direct access to the sequence information, even from large, undigested proteins

Prime offers MALDI-ISD and ESI-ETD complementarity. The system enables post-imaging biomarker identification, fast protein termini characterization and outperforms Edman Sequencing. PRIME is fully supported in BioTools and Biopharma Compass.

Exploiting both complementary Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches, PRIME sets new standards for detailed precision in protein analysis.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.