Brakes & Clutches

Accurate metrology enables functional surface characterization

Both braking and clutch systems require well machined and correctly coated surfaces to ensure best performance over time.

For failure analysis and R&D tasks where a detailed chemical element distribution on the micro and nanometer scale is of interest, Bruker's electron microscope analyzers and Micro-XRF systems are the ideal answer. These systems also give information on coating thickness and mechanical properties, such as textural analysis.

Fluid retention, surface texture direction and bearing area are just a few of the functional characteristics that can easily and readily quantified via fast, non-contact 3D optical metrology.

Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes can be easily configured for a variety of applications specific to brake and clutch system performance in R&D, process development and near-line QC for production output. Additionally, 3D metrology can be correlated to legacy 2D stylus metrology for smoother transition to newer measurement standards and stricter tolerances.