Quantitative XRD phase analysis in Minerals & Mining

XRD Lab Report - Bauxite

TOPAS Rietveld analysis emerged as a routine tool in quantitative phase analysis of powder samples. XRD data measured rapidly with the LynxEye detector, the use of Co radiation and the TOPAS software allow for a fast and precise quantitative investigation of iron-bearing multi-phased samples.

Here, the quantification of ten mineral phases in bauxite together with the determination of the crystallite sizes are demonstrated. Furthermore, the accuracy of the method is evaluated.

Why studying the phase content of bauxite?

Bauxite, named after its type locality Les Baux in the south of France, is mainly composed of hydrous aluminum oxides, iron and titanium oxides, quartz, and other silicate species. Bauxite is the primary source for industrial aluminum production.