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Scratch & Indentation

Bruker's mechanical testers offer flexibility without compromising accuracy and repeatability.

Scratch testing measures adhesion, fracture, deformation and other surface mechanical properties of thin films and coatings in a wide range of applications, from semiconductor to MEMs. A tester's ability to characterize the film-substrate system and to quantify such parameters as friction and adhesive strength, using a variety of complementary methods, makes it an invaluable tool for both QC and R&D.

Bruker’s scratch and indentation solutions are based on a modular platform that allows users to select either micro- or nanoscale testing, and to augment the mechanical testing with either AFM or 3D optical microscope imaging, for in-line wear scar analysis.

These systems enable rapid configuration changeovers on a single, high-precision tester, eliminating the need to acquire and maintain multiple instruments.

Scratch & Indentation Solutions for QA/QC and R&D