On-Site, On-Demand

Bruker invests heavily in training and professional development for its engineers and application scientists, ensuring you directly benefit from up-to-date expertise and the latest techniques. Operators and managers of Bruker’s advanced scientific analytical instrumentation can rely upon us to provide the full range of products, support and assistance necessary to achieve optimal productivity and performance from day one.

LabScape Repair


Occasional issues are inevitable with any complex system but we are here to help you with our Onsite Services. Our fully trained and highly qualified engineers backed by original Bruker spare parts will ensure your system is up and running in the shortest time possible.

LabScape Evolve


Nothing stands still in this ever changing world and neither should your Bruker instrumentation. LabScape Evolve offers a program of instrument upgrades and enhancements in order to keep pace with the latest experiments and developments in instrumentation and data processing.

LabScape Maintenance


Any and all required planned maintenance is also available on demand. LabScape Maintenance guarantees the same high standard of execution enacted throughout the LabScape family service agreements thereby ensuring optimal performance across the entire range.

LabScape Relocate


We offer a turnkey solution for instrument relocation including site planning, decommissioning, packing, insured transportation, reinstallation and full operational qualification tests in the new location. Let the experts protect your investment with a fully inclusive relocation service and allow your staff to focus on analytical tasks.