amaZon speed ETD Ion Trap

amaZon speed ETD

Unmatched Ion Trap Performance for Proteomics Solutions

The new amaZon speed ETD incorporates key inventions for unprecedented proteomics capabilities. The high dynamic range and complexity of proteomics samples due to post translational modifications require maximum speed and sensitivity to capture as many peptides as possible.

The amaZon speed ion ETD trap sets new standards in protein identification due to its enhanced MS/MS speed, new SWIFT isolation and SMART fragmentation.

This results in routine identification of more than 2500 unambiguously identified proteins in a single LC-MS/MS run from 5 µg of a HeLa lysate. The dual ion funnel transfer line is delivering absolute benchmark sensitivity.

Unmatched ion trap performance through innovation

  • Bottom-up proteomics identifying more low abundant proteins due to greatly increased MS/MS duty cycle
  • Top-down sequencing (TDS) for highest protein sequence coverage
  • Highest confidence through market leading mass accuracy
  • Leading dual ion funnel technology for unparalleled sensitivity
  • Outstanding ETD/PTR applications for full PTM analysis
  • New SMART isolation and fragmentation
  • Unrivalled scan speed of 52,000 u/sec at a peak width < 0.5 u for resolution of doubly charged ions

Applications amaZon speed ETD


amaZon speed离子阱配备了高传输效率、稳定耐用的CaptiveSpray™源,为bottom-up研究提供极高的性能和重现性。



5 µg Hela细胞裂解液通过nano UHPLC和配有CaptiveSpray™离子源的amaZon speed ETD进行分析。



单针蛋白鉴定分析,amaZon speed ETD具有超过5个数量级的动态范围。




许多蛋白质的功能是通过可逆的翻译后修饰(PTMs)调控的,如磷酸化。蛋白鉴定和修饰位点的确定对生物背景关系的阐释是极其重要的。ETD保留了修饰后肽的骨架结构,因此可以确定修饰位点。amaZon speed具有顶尖的经过市场验证的ETD技术,是最灵敏、可靠耐用的PTM分析工具。 


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