Multi-layer composites laminates and foils

Packaging Materials

The analysis of packaging materials is as diverse as the type of packaging itself! Foamed polymers, laminates, films and whatever else is possible. Bruker offers comprehensive solutions for quality control and development of high performance plastic packaging materials.

Packing Analysis Unwrapped

application of FT-IR in packaging industry

Analysis of Multi Layer Composites via FT-IR and Raman Microscopy

Analyzing a polymer laminate by FT-IR microscopy

This video shows the analysis of a multi-layer composite laminate used for the packaging of food. The presence of EVOH must be confiremd.

Our video shows how a food packaging film is checked for its composition. In this case, the EVOH layer is of great importance since it acts as an oxygen barrier that protects the sensitive contents (e.g. food) against aging. Such layers are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to increase the shelf life of drugs.

FT-IR microscopy is able to detect and identify layers down to < 2 µm thickness. It works universally and independently of the polymer type, and both for organic additives and inorganic fillers.

Analyzing a polymer laminate by Raman microscopy

This video shows the failure analysis of a multi layer composite LCD panel and illustrates the unique advantage of Raman microscopy: measuring inside transparent materials.

Among some drawbacks, Raman has two main advantages over FT-IR when it comes to multi layer composites:

  • Raman can measure inside materials to analyze inclusions and defects
  • Raman can access the nanometer (> 0.5 µm) range for layer thickness
It is clear, that both techniques are complementary by nature. Therefore it is important to take a really close look at  the sample application. Our experts are waiting to advice you on the best analytical solution.