Ex Vivo MicroangioCT: Advances in Microvascular Imaging

Over recent years, non-destructive 3D imaging techniques such as micro-computed tomography (microCT) have increasingly captured the attention of preclinical researchers across almost every discipline. Now, a technique called microangioCT imaging is being used with a novel polymerizing contrast agent that enables 3D visualization of organ vasculature at unprecedented levels.

Although microCT provides volumetric data at a near-microscopic resolution, the technique’s inherent X-ray attenuation means the vasculature cannot be discriminated from the surrounding soft tissues.

In this webinar, Dr. Ruslan Hlushchuk (Universität Bern, Institute of Anatomy) and Dr. Kjell Laperre (Bruker Biospin’s Pre-Clinical Imaging Division) will introduce a new radiopaque contrast agent called μAngiofil that can be used to overcome this challenge.

For ex vivo angiography, it provides microvascular imaging down to the fine-capillary level, without requiring prior tissue maceration or bone removal/decalcification. Other advantages are that the sample can be used for subsequent correlative morphology and quantitative analysis can be performed, without requiring extensive post-processing.

This webinar took place on March 5th, 2020

What To Expect

Ruslan will describe the microCT-based visualization that can be achieved with the polymerizing contrast agent μAngiofil. He will discuss the perfusion procedure, sample harvesting and handling involved. Bruker Biospin’s Skyscan 1272 will be introduced, as well as the higher energy Skyscan 1273 and 2214 that enable the imaging of denser samples.

Key Topics

  • The perfusion procedure/protocol for μAngiofil – visual control of the perfusion quality, sample harvesting and tendering.
  • The non-destructive imaging of microvasculature down to the finest capillaries, as well as in the presence of bone tissue and/or metal implants.
  • The potential for correlative morphology (facilitated by the autofluorescence of the μAngiofil).
  • Bruker’s BioSpin’s high resolution desktop micro-CT, Skyscan 1272.

Who Should Attend

This webinar will interest customers and potential customers, facility managers, people from contract research organizations, as well as preclinical researchers and people in basic research who specialize in cardiovascular- neurovascular- and angiogenesis-related fields. It would also appeal to implantology researchers.


Dr. Ruslan Hlushchuk

Lecturer and Group Leader at the Department of Topographic and Clinical Anatomy at the Universität Bern, Institute of Anatomy

As the head of the micro-CT group, Ruslan specializes in (micro)vascular imaging and microangioCT.

Micro-CT is well known for its superior applications in bone, tooth and other hard tissues. With the use of contrast agents the versatility of micro-CT can be even further improved into applications where the native signal-to-noise contrast would fail to provide adequate and /or quantifiable results. Imaging of the micro-vasculature down to the capillary level in various tissues, including the bone, opens new horizons for preclinical and biomedical research.

Kjell Laperre, PhD

Micro-CT Market Product & Applications Manager in the Bruker Biospin Pre-Clinical Imaging Division

Bsc in Medical science, Msc in Medical science, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) PhD in Experimental Medicine and Endocrinology, Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) Application Scientist with Bruker microCT since 2012


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