Optical Tweezers in Life Science: Probing DNA-protein interactions

with guest presenter: Davide Normanno, Staff Scientist, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

This webinar discusses how optical tweezers methodology has developed from proof-of-principle experiments to an established quantitative technique in fields ranging from (bio)physics to cell biology. The webinar focuses on applications of biological relevance and discusses how the quantitative insights obtained using optical tweezers have advanced our understanding of the molecular mechanisms used by cells to repair their DNA and maintain their genome integrity, which is the cornerstone of cancer initiation and treatment.

This webinar elucidates how optical tweezers can be used to precisely micro-manipulate individual DNA molecules and can be combined with single-molecule fluorescence imaging and micro-fluidics to perform cutting-edge DNA-protein interaction experiments with exquisite precision. In particular, the webinar focuses on describing how the fragments of a broken DNA molecule are hold together during the repair process and on comparing the connection forces exerted by different DNA-repair protein complexes.