The Use of Quantitative NMR in Drug Discovery

Webinar Overview

Quantitative NMR is a powerful tool in drug discovery. At Astex it is used at every stage of the process from curating their fragment library for hit generation to formulation studies to support candidate selection. In this webinar Suzi Cowan (Astex Pharmaceuticals) will highlight several practical uses where qNMR can provide information that can support many different aspects of the drug discovery process.

Additionally, Fabrice Moriaud (Solutions Development Manager, Bruker BioSpin) will finish the webinar by presenting a new web-based laboratory management platform with integrated qNMR capabilities. Fabrice will show how efficient analytical request management with instrument time optimization is now also possible for qNMR, and for NMR in general, from 1.2 GHz all the way down to 80 MHz, increasing the mainstream adoption of the technique.

Tuesday June 22, 2021

Key Topics

  • The role of qNMR as a key technique to support drug discovery
  • Examples of the use of qNMR at Astex Pharmaceutical
  • qNMR within a laboratory management platform
  • How to develop potency assays, based on qNMR, to be run in full automation
  • The benefits of investing in qNMR
  • How qNMR has become widely available with affordable benchtop instrumentation


Suzi Cowan

Astex Therapeutics

Suzi graduated from the University of Sussex with an MChem in Medicinal Chemistry and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 21 years for a variety of both big pharma and biotech companies. For the last 12 years she has focused on small molecule NMR and currently works at Astex Pharmaceuticals supporting Fragment-Based Drug Discovery (FBDD).

Dr. Fabrice Moriaud

Product Manager - Bruker Solutions for Fragment Based Drug Discovery - Fällanden, Switzerland

Fabrice Moriaud, Ph.D. is a product manager at Bruker for Fragment Based Screening. He has extensive experience in leading the development of software for the Pharma industry. He is a chemist by training and has an academic background in EPR and NMR.