Luxendo Light-Sheet Microscopes


The data storage and processing unit



Lux DATA is a comprehensive data processing and storage solution. It is designed to handle effectively the vast amount of data generated in light-sheet fluorescence microscopy, but also super-resolution or two-photon imaging. It enables fast data transfer and large-capacity storage as well as remote access and high-performance processing of multidimensional image data, leveraging multi-core and GPU-based computation.

Fast Processing on GPUs & CPUs
High-performance image data processing and computation unit
Large Image Storage
RAID storage unit connected via fast LAN to the LUXENDO SPIM computer for rapid transfer of image data
Remote Access & Fast Network
Network components allowing high-throughput data transfer between the units and convenient remote access. Easy integration into an existing network infrastructure

Cutting-edge biological imaging like light-sheet microscopy, but also super-resolution or two-photon imaging, generates a vast amount of data required to provide researchers with all the relevant information about their samples. However, storage, transfer, and processing of the data remain a challenge.

Lux DATA boosts productivity by removing the need to wait for data transfers and to constantly duplicate or move data sets in processing and analysis workflows. The Lux DATA approach perfectly complements image acquisition with Luxendo SPIM microscopes – it enables all subsequent steps and saves time and money.


Fast Processing on GPUs & CPUs

High-performance computation unit

  • Two 12-core Intel Xeon Gold CPUs
  • GeForce RTX3090 GPU
  • 512 GB RAM

Large Image Storage

RAID storage unit and rapid transfer of image data

  • 250, 400 or 550 TB HDD storage capacity
  • RAID 6 configuration for drive failure protection
  • Fast 2 × 1 TB SSD buffer
  • Fast LAN connection to LUXENDO SPIM computer (2 × 10 Gbit/s)

Remote Access and Fast Network

Network components

  • Router and switch for convenient remote/VPN access
  • 10 Gbit/s LAN for high-throughput data transfer


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