Multiphoton Microscope

Ultima Investigator

An accessible, high-quality multiphoton microscope for deep imaging and photoactivation
Ultima Investigator


Ultima Investigator

As the most streamlined model of Bruker's Ultima family of multiphoton microscopes, Ultima Investigator™ features a base system specifically optimized for in vivo studies and is designed for add-on flexibility with a host of specialized options. Ultima Investigator's high-resolution, high-speed, high-sensitivity deep imaging provides the ultimate value for smaller labs and additional imaging bandwidth in larger labs.

Up to 4
close-coupled PMTs
Provide higher signal to noise and deeper imaging for superior collection efficiency.
Allows for off-axis imaging for advanced neuroscience applications.
Tailor your system to new or changing experiments and budgets.



Intravital Imaging with Behavioral Paradigms

Intravital imaging using functional indicators provides the opportunity to measure neural activity in awake, behaving specimens. Ultima 2Pplus provides the imaging speed to capture activity of neural networks in single or multiple focal planes.

Video courtesy of Michael Goard, MIT.

High-Resolution Oncology Imaging

Intravital tumor progression with Ultima Investigator.

Multiphoton intravital imaging provides a high resolution method for imaging tumor implants. Tumor progression and response to pharmaceuticals as well as immune cell response, can be measured through longitudinal imaging sessions. Ultima Investigator can be configured to image the collagen fibers.

Anatomic Mapping of Neural Networks

The Atlas Imaging module in Bruker's Prairie View software simplifies setup of 2D and 3D automated montages. X,Y boundaries are easily setup through a thumbnail display. Tiles not containing areas of interest can be turned off, and the Z range for 3D montages can be variable, allowing more efficient collection of data.

Multifield montage of neural network; Courtesy Datta SR, Harvard University.



Ultima Investigator Accessories and Options

Pockels Cell
  • Software control of laser power and line blanking
Resonant Scanner
  • Provides high-speed acquisition of 30 fps at 512 x 512
  • User-definable resolution and region size
  • Read More
GaAsp Detectors
  • Provides higher sensitivity in photon-limited studies
LED Light Source
  • Provides fluorescence illumination
LED Illumination
  • Provides full field photoactivation
Laser Launch and Input Optics
  • Provides point and scanning photoactivation
  • Provides detection of wide-field epifluorescence
Z-Piezo with Proprietry Focus Alorithms
  • Provides high-speed Z-series (0.1 µm step size, 150 µm range)
Motorized, Large Platform XY Specimen Stage and Controller
  • Provides minimum 0.3 µm increments, 1 µm accuracy, and 6-inch X and 3-inch Y travel
  • Provides highest temporal and spatial fluorescence lifetime imaging in cells




Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

We appreciate the modular nature of the Ultima hardware and software. The systems now available range from basic imaging systems to the dual-laser photo-stimulation multi-mode imaging workstation. We have continued updating many of our 14 machines, including our ten year old systems. The Team Viewer connection and support is a huge asset for novice owners and for significant software changes.

David Wokosin, Ph.D., Northwestern University


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