Mass Spectrometry

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Mass Spectrometry

Bruker’s Innovative Mass Spectrometry Solutions

Innovations such as Trapped Ion Mobility (TIMS), smartbeam and scanning lasers for MALDI-MS Imaging that deliver true pixel fidelity, and eXtreme Resolution FTMS (XR) technology capable to reveal Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) signatures are pushing scientific exploration to new heights. Our mass spectrometry solutions enable scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and gain deeper insights.

Bruker's product lines include the following technologies: timsTOF, MRMS, rapifleX® MALDI-TOF/TOF, UHR-QTOF, Triple Quadrupole, HDX Solution, Toxtyper® and TargetScreener HR. Our industry leading software solutions such as SCiLS™ Lab for MS Imaging, MetaboScape® and Biopharma Compass® are examples for our solutions doing the work for you.

Mass Spectrometry Technologies


The analytical advantages of matrix assisted laser desorption ionization TOF MS have been demonstrated for more than 25 years. With inherent advantages including its speed (time to results) and application flexibility, the convenience and effectiveness of MALDI-TOF MS is magnified by virtue of its low sample volume requirements and broad sample content (salts, buffers) amenability. Dramatic increases in the depth of MALDI analyses have been made routine by intuitive software, and easy automation allows for high throughput solutions.


Trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) provides an additional dimension of separation, accelerating diverse research applications from 4D-Omics to MALDI Imaging. Powered by Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF®), Bruker’s timsTOF instruments offer next generation speed and sensitivity to identify and quantify challenging compounds.


Bruker’s scimaX® and solariX series instruments are powered by MRMS (Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry) technology. Compared with common FTMS technologies, these instruments feature unmatched eXtreme Resolution and mass accuracy. This enables routine Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) analysis for a broad mass range, resulting in unmatched confidence for compound identification.

MS Software

Behind every great mass spectrometer lies powerful, enabling software. From biologics characterization to mass spectrometry (MS) imaging, our industry-leading software solutions turn MS data into knowledge, with automated and integrated workflows that empower every research application.

MS Solutions

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an incredibly diverse and constantly evolving technology, implemented in labs across the globe to solve almost any analytical problem. Our high-quality, intuitive mass spectrometers empower all fields of research and development, setting new standards in performance.


Quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) MS has revolutionized how we identify and quantify complex mixtures and unknown compounds, in fields ranging from biological and pharmaceutical research to clinical toxicology. Our ultra-high resolution Q-TOF and LC-QTOF instruments are at the leading-edge of this technology.

Triple Quad

Due to its high sensitivity and specificity, triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (TQ MS) is a major tool in the fields of food testing, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, forensic toxicology, environmental studies, and biological analyses. Bruker’s unique elliptical ion path delivers new levels of performance for LC- and GC-TQ MS.

Ion Trap

Bruker leads the industry in ion trap technology, offering a comprehensive series of systems that enable structural confirmation and screening applications in routine labs, drug quantification and metabolite identification, and post-translational modification (PTM) characterization using electron transfer dissociation (ETD) technology.


The value and versatility of liquid chromatography (LC) analysis is amplified dramatically when coupled to a mass spectrometry (MS) system. We offer access to a broad range of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) solutions through our robust, flexible instruments and powerful, vendor-agnostic software.

Mass Spectrometry Application Areas


Fully addressing the complexity of the proteome can only be achieved using orthogonal approaches. Bruker offers a dedicated panel of solutions to deal with these challenges. The timsTOF Pro powered by PASEF® enables for the first time fast, ultra-sensitive shotgun proteomics and relative protein quantitation at high throughput over large cohort and low abundance sample studies, at an unprecedented level of robustness.

MALDI Imaging

Application areas for MALDI Imaging are diverse and growing, driven by the label-free nature of the technique and the ability to differentiate compounds by molecular weight. Bruker delivers MALDI Imaging systems that incorporate novel MALDI technologies to accomplish any targeted or untargeted imaging study. The timsTOF fleX adds a high spatial resolution MALDI Imaging source specifically designed for resolving molecular distributions and bringing a spatial dimension to OMICS analyses.


Novel 4D workflows on the timsTOF Pro are revolutionizing next-generation metabolomics, with additional, large-scale and accurate CCS information for every known and unknown compound measured.

Pharma and BioPharma

From accelerating the pace of early discovery, adding confidence as a candidate moves from drug development to clinical trials, passing formulation and ensuring robust quality assurance and production control. At every phase, success is dependent on using the right technology, generating the best data, and gaining the deepest insight.


As today’s highly globalized supply chains are very vulnerable, food safety and food protection are matters of intense environmental, public and economic concerns. Advanced analytical methods and techniques for food control can help to safeguard human health and even lives.

Polymer Analysis

MALDI-TOF technology offers a unique depth of characterization for many diverse polymer classes. Including bulk material screens, pharmaceutical development, or finished surface analyses, MALDI-TOF MS offers direct molecular weight distributions in fast and versatile workflows.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.