Microbial Identification

Automated sample preparation by MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder

Reducing labour for microbial identification

Efficiency redefined: let the MBT Pathfinder® take the repetition out of MALDI sample prep!

Reducing hands-on time
Releasing staff to complete more demanding tasks
Minimizing waste
No need for disposable sample picking tools nor pipette tips
Fully traceable comprehensive history log 

For transparent results


Eliminating repetitive motion
Repetitive manual tasks replaced by automation

Liberating laboratory technicians

The MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder solution liberates laboratory technicians from monotonous, time-consuming sample preparation duties, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks like sample interpretation and analysis. Automated MALDI target plate preparation reduces time-intensive, repetitive, and error-prone manual tasks. 

MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder

MBT Pathfinder® - Reliable and reproducible sample preparation

The MBT Pathfinder® offers an end-to-end solution, from Petri dish samples to MALDI target plates, all within a single system. This reduces the need for operator intervention, ensuring a reliable and reproducible workflow, embracing the typical steps for target plate preparation.

Automated formic acid deposition 

Our system features contactless automated formic acid (FA) deposition for every sample, guaranteeing this critical step is never overlooked in the sample preparation process, thus optimizing microbial identification results, be it bacteria or yeast. 

Semi-automated microbial colony handling 

Semi-automated microbial colony picking is coupled with a unique sample preparation procedure that transfers colonies onto the MALDI target plate. This preselection employs imaging technology for colony selection and prioritization, enhancing result accuracy and standardization. Robotic colony transfer eliminates the need for manual picking tools and disposable tips, minimizing waste. 

Automated MALDI matrix deposition 

Consistent and reproducible sample preparation is ensured by automated and contactless MALDI matrix deposition. The MALDI target plate remains inside the MBT Pathfinder® for drying and crystallization of the matrix. 

MBT Pathfinder® loading dock

Add the Feeder for automated plate handling

The MBT Pathfinder® can be combined with the Feeder for advanced laboratory automation in Petri dish handling, further reducing the need for manual operation. This semi-automated robotic feature streamlines MALDI target plate preparation with an automated Petri dish exchanger, accommodating up to 100 dishes, and includes an integrated barcode reader for seamless data transfer.

Enhanced consistency and confidence

Our system features automated workflow design, setup, and simulation tools to predict operator intervention timings based on sample quantities. The MBT Pathfinder® minimizes the potential for human error inherent in repetitive tasks, delivering a reliable and reproducible process that optimizes every analysis.

Transparent and compliant

All sample information is logged, registered, and traceable in this automated and transparent system, leaving no room for human error. Every project and analysis run is backed by a complete historical record to support laboratory accreditation and validation processes. 

User-friendly interface

The user-friendly MBT Pathfinder® software interface offers data export compatibility with the MALDI Biotyper® workflow, ensuring seamless integration into your laboratory operations.

Experience the future of sample preparation with MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder – where efficiency, reliability, and precision meet to elevate your microbial identification workflow.

An MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder for your microbiology lab

The MBT Pathfinder® and Feeder are available in three different solution packages. Please contact your local representative for availability in your country:

MBT Pathfinder® IVD and Feeder IVD

Designed for seamless integration with a Bruker MALDI Biotyper® IVD mass spectrometer, specifically tailored to accommodate the IVD MALDI Biotyper® workflows.

For professional use only. Not for sale in the USA.

MBT Pathfinder® RUO and Feeder RUO

Designed for seamless integration with a Bruker MALDI Biotyper® RUO mass spectrometer, specifically tailored to accommodate the RUO MALDI Biotyper® workflows. 

For Research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.

MBT Pathfinder® GP and Feeder GP

Designed for seamless integration with a Bruker MALDI Biotyper® GP mass spectrometer, specifically tailored to accommodate the GP MALDI Biotyper workflows. 

Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures. 

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