BioAFM Accessories and Add-Ons

Vortis 2 Advanced SPMControl Station

Most advanced and flexible high-performance digial SPM controller.
  • Access to external and internal signals for flexible research and easy combining of additional advanced optical instrumentation (e.g. SuperResolution, FLIM)
  • High-speed data capture with maximum data pixel rate of up to 800.000 pixels/sec
  • Modular, hybrid, analog/digital design with latest FPGA/PPC technology (dual core PowerPC @ 1,4 GHz). Overcomes limitations of conventional DSP designs
  • 4×high-speed 16 bit ADC channels with 60 MHz sample rate
  • 12×18 bit ADC channels with 800 kHz sample rate 6×high-speed 14 bit DAC channel with 120 MHz sample rate
  • 8×20 bit DAC channels with 800 kHz sample rate 2×high-speed lock-in amplifiers for precise amplitude and phase detection
  • 6 channel, low noise, capacitive distance sensor interface
  • Two channel, gated photon counting (2+2 inputs, 32 bit TTL counters, up to 20 Mcounts/s, 20 ns min pulse width, 40 ns pulse separation)
  • Thermal noise cantilever calibration up to 7.5 MHz
  • Low voltage output for electronics modules and pre-amplifiers with +/- 15 V and +/- 5 V
  • Digital input: 6 channels (Sub-D) Digital output: 10 channels (Sub-D) e.g. for pixel and line clock
  • Easy connection of accessories at the front panel