Optical Tweezers Systems

Measuring the smallest forces with the greatest accuracy

Force-Sensing Optical Tweezers and Optical Trapping

Bruker offers easy-to-use, dual beam force-sensing optical tweezers systems, which can be seamlessly integrated onto inverted optical microscopes, combining advanced optical and confocal techniques such as single molecule fluorescence.
Optical tweezers is a Nobel-prize winning technology and enables the quantification of molecular, cellular and micro-rheological processes. Applications include molecular motor mechanics, binding/elasticity of DNA and proteins, cell membrane dynamics and particle uptake into cells. Bruker’s Optical Tweezers systems are used in material science and soft matter applications ranging from the characterization of mechanical properties such as adhesion, viscoelasticity or deformation, to optical, thermodynamic or nanomanipulation experiments with trapped particles.

About the JPK BioAFM Business

JPK joined Bruker in July 2018, bringing in-depth expertise in live-cell imaging, cellular mechanics, adhesion, and molecular force measurements, optical trapping, and biological stimulus-response characterization to Bruker’s worldwide infrastructure and established instrumentation development and support. The JPK BioAFM business takes full advantage of the best of both histories to provide microscopy instrumentation for biomolecular and cellular imaging, as well as force measurements on single molecules, cells and tissues.

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