Acquisition, Control and Processing for the ELEXSYS

True multi-tasking in a multi-user environment

Running on a LINUX® workstation, Xepr allows true multi-tasking in a multi-user environment.  By seamlessly coordinating monitoring, control, and acquisition, Xepr frees the operator to concentrate on experiment design or data processing during data collection.  Further, while one user is acquiring data via Xepr, another user can use Xepr to process saved data either remotely or locally. Xepr possesses a full suite of features to aide in experiment execution, data visualization, and data processing.

The Xepr acquisition and processing suite for the ELEXSYS series of spectrometers covers the full range spectrometer configurations from Continuous Wave EPR through Pulse EPR to EPR Imaging. 

Xepr also supports the monitoring and control over the various accessories and options available, such as variable temperature units, programmable goniometers, teslameters, DICE ENDOR unit, ELDOR unit, etc.

Xepr's processing capabilities are equally as impressive covering common processing procedures, e.g. integration, differentiation, FFT, etc., as well as advanced processing procedures, e.g. linear prediction, spectral deconvolution, filtered back-projection, etc.

In both acquisition and processing, extensibility is further ensured via the ProDeL programming language for data acquisition, creation, and manipulation.

From simple CW EPR experiments to complex Pulse EPR, ENDOR and ELDOR experiments, Xepr provides the all-in-one interface for data acquisition, device control and data processing for the ELEXSYS spectrometer line. 


Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

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