A push-button NMR software solution that guides users through easy-to-use dedicated workflows.
Easy Handling
Get high quality data in a short amount of time with efficient workflows.
Advanced Acquisition
GoScan has the ability to connect with TopSpin for more advanced NMR experiments
Efficient Automation
Clear overview for each experiment and predefined workflows lead to easy automation processes

GoScan is an intuitive software solution that makes experiment setup and NMR aquisition simple. Designed for the Fourier 80 and AvanceCore, the software guides users through pre-defined dedicated workflows and at the same time allows customized experiment setups.

Non-NMR experts can start pre-defined experiment setups with the push of a button. Simple step-by-step guidance is ideal for students or those just starting out in their NMR journey.

More experienced NMR users can benefit from the broad usage capabilities and the link to TopSpin. From simple 1D experiments to sophisticated experiments like NUS or NOAH, GoScan can do it all.

The automation segment of the interface shows the status of each experiment at a glance and allows for easy manipulation of the samples. Together with the sample changer, samples can be run automatically overnight or even over a weekend.

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GoScan Features

  • Simple, intuitive interface for TopSpin
  • Guided data acquisition
  • Use pre-defined or customized experiments:
    - Customization can be done either in GoScan or TopSpin
    - Several experiments can be combined into one
    - Ability to hide specific experiments allowing multiple users of varying degrees of experience easy access
  • Processed spectrum available after acquisition
  • Data can be exported automatically to TopSpin or Mnova
  • Additional user management options available*
    - Predefined roles allow you to start analyzing data immediately
    - Many different possibilities available if you need more options
    *Additional license required

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  • Easy: Clear user guidance makes NMR easy even for novices
  • Broad usage: Pre-defined experiments can be supplemented with user-defined experiments to offer a broad range of possibilities
  • Efficient automation: Automation supports efficient usage of the instrument - with or without a sample changer
  • Use it in your own language


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