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The AvanceCore solution offers premium high-resolution NMR at a more affordable price, making NMR more accessible than ever before.

High resolution, streamlined.

More affordable than ever.


400 MHz
The AvanceCore is a full-fledged, two-channel 400 MHz NMR spectrometer.
Additional features can be flexibly enabled and disabled with software subscriptions. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.
Quality & Performance
The AvanceCore offers the quality and high performance Bruker is known for, now at a lower price.
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How affordable is NMR? Calculate the bottom line!

This calculator is intended for customers with greater than 5 samples per day. Taking into account the costs of investing in an AvanceCore NMR spectrometer, the associated running costs, and the number of samples you work with, we provide you with an estimate for your average cost per measurement.

What is my ideal AvanceCore configuration and when will my investment pay off?

This calculator is especially suited for customers with less than 5 NMR samples per day. The amortization calculator compares the costs of investing in an AvanceCore NMR spectrometer to using an external NMR service provider. We calculate the time from which you will see a return on your investment.



NMR is an extremely powerful analytical method. In combination with the affordability of the AvanceCore, this makes NMR the ideal tool to address a large range of analytical questions, including structure elucidation and verification, molecular interactions, and quantitation. The AvanceCore solution offers NMR at a price similar to a standard liquid chromatography mass spec instrument.



NMR offers many advantages over other analytical techniques. The AvanceCore provides better value for money than other methods:

  • With NMR, what you see is what is present. Chromatographic analysis requires process steps such as liquid injection or sample evaporation. Potential sample degradation or unwanted reactions complicate the assignment of signals.
  • NMR selectively detects nuclei such as 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P which are present in organic molecules.  This is not apparent with other analytical techniques. For example, UV detectors for chromatography miss many substances without a chromophore. IR and mass detectors have similar limitations.
  • With NMR, substances can be identified and quantified against any reference standard. Other analytical methods rely on a reference standard of the same material.
  • 1D NMR experiments can be run with standard parameters for most samples. Several compounds are identified and quantified from a single spectrum. HPLC, for instance, can also deliver good separation and signal-to-noise — provided that the method was optimized for the particular application. NMR helps you to save time and money.



AvanceCore NMR Sample Preparation and Measurement

Did you know that NMR sample preparation can be as easy as dissolving a few milligrams of sample substance in 0.6 ml of solvent? The actual measurement can be done in full automation, takes approximately 5 minutes, and requires no dedicated staff. NMR with a Bruker AvanceCore is a very robust, reliable, versatile and cost-effective analytical technique!

How to Read and Interpret NMR Spectra in 15 Minutes

Today’s knowledge about chemistry and molecular structures is unimaginable without NMR. NMR’s contribution to chemistry has been honored with two Nobel prizes and it is indispensable for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and natural products.

Direct Assignment of the Carbon Backbone with Room Temperature Probes at Medium Fields: The INAD NMR experiment

The INADEQUATE NMR experiment facilitates the direct structural assignment of organic molecules via the carbon backbone. This poses advantages over other, indirect methods. Learn how to record the experiment at 400 MHz with a room temperature probe in 24h - even with a limited amount of sample substance.

10-fold Signal-to-Noise Improvement with
Weak Lock Coupling

In NMR, small signals - e.g. from trace impurities - can easily get buried in noise. Weak lock coupling can reduce the noise!

Mixture Analysis with NMR: Benefiting from Multi-Signal Suppression

¹H NMR spectroscopy is great for detecting impurities and trace compounds. There is no “hiding” as most organic molecules contain the highly sensitive ¹H nucleus! Lift the lid to discover what selectively suppressing large signals can uncover.

Radiation Damping: What It Is and What To Do

One of the strengths of NMR spectroscopy over other methods is that the sample amount can be chosen relatively freely, from the sub-milligram-range to several grams. Provided that radiation damping is correctly accounted for, measurements of trace compounds, undiluted products, and the mixture of both can be performed very straightforwardly.

13C Satellites in Proton NMR Spectroscopy

Analyzing the ¹³C satellites in proton spectra enables interesting experimental strategies. In this application note, we give examples which illustrate the vast amount of information that can be obtained from ¹³C satellites.

The AvanceCore is highly cost effective and facilitates uncompromized performance in high-resolution NMR. Outstanding dispersion and signal-to-noise ratio enable mixture analysis down to ppm concentrations. The AvanceCore supports state-of-the-art 2D NMR methods to elucidate molecular structure at the atomic level.

Identification and quantitation: The above 1H spectrum was acquired with the AvanceCore Foundation from a 20 mg sample in less than 5 minutes. The sample contains 100 ppm (0.002 mg) of the following impurities: acetonitrile, acetone, ethyl acetate and acetic acid in DMSO-d6.
The AvanceCore Foundation also supports state-of-the-art 1H-1H 2D experiments such as TOCSY, COSY, ROESY and NOESY. The above spectrum shows TOCSY-correlations of the anti-inflammatory drug Ibuprofen.The TOCSY can be used for structure assignment.
With the AvanceCore Foundation, the 1H DOSY NMR experiment for mixture analysis can be performed. DOSY is often referred to as “chromatographic NMR”. Just like LC-MS, it resolves the different mass and diffusion properties of indivual mixture components.
The AvanceCore Select supports heteronuclear experiments (HSQC, HMBC...) which are essential for molecular structure elucidation. The above spectrum shows a 2D 1H/13C HSQC-TOCSY experiment recorded from a 20 mg Ibuprofen sample.



In order to keep costs low, Bruker has streamlined the AvanceCore into three pre-configured packages.

Foundation: In the most fundamental version, the AvanceCore provides high-resolution 1H NMR spectroscopy. The bundle includes a 400 MHz NMR magnet, a console and a 5 mm probe.

Select: The AvanceCore Select includes all the hardware and software for 1H and heteronuclear (13C, 31P...) state-of-the-art experiments.

Convenience: The AvanceCore Convenience includes a 24-position sample changer. The IconNMR software enables open access use and automated routine measurements.

Your instrument can grow with your needs: An existing AvanceCore can easily be upgraded from Foundation to Select and from Select to Convenience.


The AvanceCore is a complete, full-fledged 400 MHz NMR-spectrometer. The AvanceCore spectrometer has the following key characteristics:

AvanceCore Magnet NMR-frequency (1H) 400 MHz
  Typical helium hold time 300 days
  Typical nitrogen hold time
16 days
AvanceCore Console Number of RF channels 2
  Timing Resolution 12.5 ns
  Frequency Resolution < 0.005Hz
  Digital Lock Included
  RF amplifier frequency range 57Fe-19F/1H
AvanceCore Probe NMR Tube Diameter 5 mm
  Channels 1H, BB & 2H Lock
  Z-Gradient 50 G/cm
Available Accessories Sample Temperature Control Unit, 24-position Sample Changer  


Dr. Johan Lindström, Director Medicinal Chemistry Sprint Bioscience

“Our new Bruker AvanceCore NMR spectrometer will play a key role in our mission to make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer by providing innovative drug candidates to the pharmaceutical industry. As we strive to broaden our portfolio with high-quality projects as resource and cost-efficiently as possible, the more affordable AvanceCore is a perfect fit for us. We get the high quality of a Bruker NMR system while keeping our investments low."

Dave McGowan, Associate Director Medicinal Chemistry

Aligos Therapeutics

"At Aligos, we are developing targeted therapy for NASH, and antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis B and COVID-19. The affordability of a Bruker AvanceCore spectrometer allows us to now perform high-resolution NMR analyses in-house, instead of having to outsource. This makes our processes more efficient and considerably accelerates our research work."


Dr. Tomasz Koczorowski, Poznan University of Medical Sciences


“We are excited to have an AvanceCore NMR spectrometer for our research on drug development and small organic molecules. The affordability of the instrument allows us to perform structure elucidation and quantitation in-house without the need for outsourcing NMR services.”