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Bruker has specialized in the design and production of magnets and cryogenic systems for several decades, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of superconducting magnets for NMR. Our Ascend line of magnets combines several of Bruker’s proprietary, innovative magnet technologies for best performance and cost efficiency.

Advanced Technology

Innovative Design


300 MHz – 1.2 GHz
The Ascend line of superconducting magnets range from 300 MHz up to the world-record breaking 1.2 GHz.
Easy Siting
The Ascend magnet design features advanced superconductor technology, enabling the design of smaller magnet coils, thus resulting in a significant reduction in physical size and weight. 
Stability & Shielding
Unique jointing technology leads to the lowest drift rates for outstanding field stability plus the External Disturbance Suppression (EDS) provides up to 99% screening efficiency against external magnetic field disturbances.
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Incorporating Key Technologies for Best Performance and Cost Efficiency

The Ascend™ series of compact NMR magnets makes medium and high-field NMR spectroscopy extremely powerful, and at the same time reliable and convenient. Ascend magnets combine several of Bruker’s proprietary, innovative magnet technologies for superior performance and operational cost savings. The Ascend magnet design features advanced superconductor technology, enabling the design of smaller magnet coils, thus resulting in a significant reduction in physical size and magnetic stray fields. The Ascend magnets are therefore easy to site, as well as convenient and economical to operate.
Maximum Performance

  • Unique jointing technology leading to the lowest drift rates for outstanding field stability
  • Advanced shimming technology for highest field homogeneity
  • External Disturbance Suppression (EDS) with up to 99% screening efficiency against external magnetic field disturbances
  • Cryostats with excellent thermal efficiency for low cryogen consumption
  • Available with high-performance vibration isolators

Minimum Stray Fields

  • Easy siting with less preparation costs
  • Easy magnet access and rigging due to smaller size and weight
  • Reduced physical and magnetic footprint in the lab
  • Reduced ceiling height requirements

Ascend magnets are optimized for operation with Bruker’s room temperature shim systems, Bruker NMR probes, automation technology and refrigeration equipment, e.g. for integrated high-performance NMR systems used in structural biology, small molecule and/or materials research applications.

Bruker’s Ascend magnets also come in two sizes of standard-bore equaling 54 mm in diameter, and wide-bore which is 89 mm in diameter.

NEW Ascend Evo 1.0 GHz NMR Magnet

Novel Single-Story Compact NMR with Reduced Helium Consumption

The Ascend Evo 1.0 GHz NMR system offers a unique compact magnet that significantly reduces footprint, weight, and ceiling height requirements, as well as provides a dramatic threefold reduction in liquid helium consumption. This novel and unique design also significantly reduces siting, installation, and operational costs making it more accessible to more labs.


The availability of cutting-edge superconducting wire technology makes it possible to achieve magnetic fields of up to 1.2 GHz. Advanced superconductors also make it possible to design NMR magnets that are extremely compact, which, in combination with the minimization of the stray field by active shielding, is a key benefit when NMR systems need to be placed in space-restricted laboratories.

Bruker’s Electromagnetic Disturbance Suppression (EDS) provides excellent screening efficiency against external magnetic field disturbances, which is ideal when an NMR spectrometer needs to be sited in a challenging environment. Bruker’s proprietary jointing technology for high-current and high-field joints guarantee the lowest drift rates.


Operational Cost Savings

Standard Bore Ascend Magnet

Typical Helium Consumption

400 MHz

13 ml/h

500 MHz
13 ml/h
600 MHz 16 ml/h
700 MHz 26 ml/h
800 MHz 47 ml/h
1.0 GHz < 80 ml/h
1.2 GHz < 250 ml/h

Why bioNMR?

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HelioSmart Recovery Solution

The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system is a very compact, easy-to-site helium collection unit that has been carefully optimized for the use with NMR spectrometers.

Helium is a scarce non-renewable resource. To protect this resource in a socially responsible way and to make lab operations more sustainable, the Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system collects helium boil-off from NMR magnets and stores the gas in high-pressure cylinders. From there, the gaseous helium can be re-used for other purposes or returned to a gas supplier. NMR users who have access to a helium liquefaction facility can purify and reliquefy the helium and re-use it in an NMR magnet to become more independent, especially during periods of global helium shortage. To keep costs low and to make siting as easy as possible, the Bruker HelioSmart has been dimensioned to collect the steady-state boil-off of several NMR magnets in parallel, excluding helium transfers, resulting in a typical recovery rate of 80 - 85 percent. The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery system has been carefully engineered to ensure safe operation with NMR magnets and has been optimized to eliminate spectral artifacts.

The HelioSmart Recovery is currently only available in selected countries.

The Bruker HelioSmart Recovery is a fully integrated helium recovery system with an internal gas bag and a high-pressure compressor. The compressor starts and stops automatically as a function of the fill level of the gas bag. The recovery system is equipped with an electronic control unit with an intuitive user interface.


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