LTS Superconductors

Niobium-Tin (Nb3Sn)

Bruker EAS produces high-grade Nb3Sn-based wires for applications in medical, scientific, and industrial engineering. We are one of the world’s pioneering superconductor companies and a principal supplier to scientific projects deploying superconductors. Since 1962 we have built up a track record of uncompromising product quality and delivery reliability.



EAS products have set a benchmark in magnetic high-field technology
Bronze-based NbSn wires are industries first choice wherever very high performance is needed
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Today, Bruker Nb3Sn wires are applied at a large scale in high field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry (NMR), high energy physics and fusion research. Customers worldwide use Bruker LTS materials to push technological limits and rely on our experts to tailor conductors precisely to specific requirements. And we look forward to discussing yours!



NbSn superconductor wires manufactured by Bruker EAS deliver benchmark performance for the most demanding applications in magnetic high-field technology. Their favorable operating characteristics in magnetic fields of up to > 20 Tesla make them the gold standard of low-temperature superconductors.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy is the most prominent application of Bruker NbSn wires. Magnets delivering field strengths in excess of 20 Tesla are employed in NMR systems. Our NbSn conductors are also utilized in all major particle accelerator and fusion research projects, which will in future require magnets exceeding 12 Tesla.

We meet the specific challenges presented by these areas of deployment:

Bronze-based NbSn wires by Bruker are the industry’s first choice wherever very high performance superconductors must also feature robust mechanical load-bearing capacities. Our bronze-based wire design has been proving its versatility in magnets between 10 to 23 Tesla for many years and is applicable, as well, for exceptionally demanding LTS cable configurations.


In addition Bruker EAS is developing wires manufactured based on the innovative powder-in-tube (PIT) technique. These wires offer efficiencies unrivalled by any other type of low temperature superconductor when carrying very high power densities in magnetic fields of >12 Tesla. With these characteristics, PIT Nb3Sn wires are particularly well suited for possible future applications in high energy physics.

Please download our Low-Tc superconductor product overview brochure for further information and contact us with any questions or specific inquiries you may have.