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Corporate Social Repsonsibility - Our Communities


Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Communities


Bruker Malaysia (Penang) plant donated face masks and hand sanitizers to Penang

As a humanitarian gesture during the global COVID-19 pandemic, our Bruker Malaysia (Penang) plant donated face masks and hand sanitizers to Penang for use by law enforcement officers and workers to use in their daily activities. We are grateful to them and all other public servants and healthcare workers who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic.


Bruker HQ in Billerica sponsors TEDx talk at local high school

In January 2020, we sponsored a TEDx speaker’s series at a local high school near our Billerica HQ in Massachusetts, USA, to underline our commitment to fostering intellectually stimulating dialogue. The event was attended by many local healthcare professionals, and featured speakers including:
• The founding director of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and professor in the Medical and Engineering Schools, who leads a multifaceted effort to develop breakthrough bioinspired technologies to advance healthcare and improve sustainability;
• The Chief Science and Strategy Officer at IESO Digital Health in Cambridge, UK; and
• A Professor of Neurology at UMASS Medical School who has focused on using innovative technologies to identify genes contributing to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).