Corporate Social Repsonsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

Our Long Term Approach to Sustainability

Corporate Social Repsonsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

Our Approach to Sustainability

Supply Chain Accountability

We review our procurement process every 12 months to make sure our suppliers and partners work to the highest standards. We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for professional performance and responsible conduct that, ultimately, benefits the world we live in.

Protecting our Customers

We have put comprehensive business continuity plans in place to professionally manage the outcomes of disaster scenarios such as environmental impact, infrastructure or supply chain issues, or IT breakdowns to ensure business continuity for our customers, our suppliers and our people – all with the ultimate goal of safeguarding the sector we work in and the wider environment.


Environmental Responsibility

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have implemented several procedures and policies in our sites across the world and follow Environmental Management Systems like ISO 14001. We also create and support innovations to extend analytical methods, such as RoHS Screening & RoHS Compliance Testing, to protect the public and respect the environment.

Ethics and Compliance

The Bruker Code of Conduct shows our commitment to good corporate governance and the highest standards of business conduct. All our employees across the world receive ongoing training on how to work to respect these highest ethical standards.

Long Term Employee Well-Being

We are proud of the fact that many of our employees have been with Bruker for a very long time. This is also the result of our internal policies regarding employee safety and satisfaction. We bring their innovation, strength, suggestions and ideas, gained from years of experience in academia and industry, into our technical developments and innovation strategy. We cherish everyone across the globe, respect their different cultures and give them the best working conditions possible, making their safety and well-being a daily priority. This helps drive our business forward while recognizing the significant contributions of our people in making a difference.