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Bruker empowers scientists to explore the earth and beyond with solutions from the nanometer to planetary scales

Exploring the Earth with Trusted Tools and New Methods

Geoscience and related natural sciences investigate the Earth and other rocky bodies in the solar system using a multi-scale approach requiring mastery of many analytical tools. Bruker is dedicated to supporting the scientists that investigate our natural world through developing innovative technology, partnering in method development, providing timely global support and building inclusive communities that support cross-disciplinary scientific discovery. We take a solutions-first approach to matching scientific problems to analytical solutions, from the nanometer to the planetary scale. Bruker’s applications scientists have expertise ranging from cosmochemistry to sedimentology, all are experts in empowering the user’s drive and creativity with scientific instrumentation. Explore solutions in academic research and reach out to an applications scientist to find more innovative solutions.

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Basins, Stratigraphy, and Geochronology

Stratigraphers compile big datasets to solve big problems in the geosciences to explore earth’s history and basin evolution. Bruker’s tools enable reliable and repeatable measurements of geochemistry and mineralogy from hand sample, outcrop, core and cuttings.
Aquatic chemistry

Critical Zone and Environmental Science

The critical zone represents the complex interactions between hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and atmosphere. Bruker seeks to provide innovative technological solutions for monitoring and characterizing ecosystem substrate, nutrients, contaminants and life.
Ship in ice

Oceanography and Hydrologic Science

Earth is a water planet with her oceans critical for regulating climate, sequestering carbon, harboring biodiversity, generating weather and providing humans with a cornucopia of resources. Explore Bruker’s solutions for ocean chemistry, geology, organismal biology and microbiology.
Iron hill

Petrology, Geochemistry and Rock Characterization

Understanding the processes that form and transform rocks are foundational to the geological sciences. Bruker’s analytical tools empower the study of minerals, textures and spatially-resolved geochemistry from the hand sample to the sub-grain scale.
Rocks and hammer

Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology

The study of past environments, climate and life requires detailed investigations of geologic materials. Bruker’s spatial geochemistry tools provide new ways to elucidate minerals, textures and sedimentary structures that will revolutionize your processes of scientific discovery.
Iron meteorite

Planetary Geology and Astrobiology

The study of other rocky bodies in the solar system has been hindered by limited numbers of samples and a poorly developed interplanetary transportation infrastructure. Bruker offers a range of non-destructive geochemical and mineralogical tools that provide more from rare and sensitive samples.