Solutions for Mining and Mineral Processing

Minerals: Mining and Mineral Processing

Analytical technology solutions for the mining industry to improve recovery and optimize processes

Analytical Solutions for the Entire Mine Lifecycle

Bruker is committed to providing solutions through the entire lifecycle of a mine from greenfield exploration through mining and mineral processing to remediation and closure. Operators of open pit mines, underground mines and mineral processing facilities have shifted focus to lower grade ore while increasing commitments to the environment and sustainability. Bruker’s solutions for mining and mineral processing transform workflows by providing reliable information from robust instrumentation.

Bruker’s specialists can help to identify and develop solutions to match any analytical challenge in mining. Bruker offers solutions including portable on-site laboratories, on-line elemental analysis, and the most advanced technology for central analytical laboratories and assay labs. Bruker’s commitment to the global mining segment includes teams of technology experts with experience in mining standing by to help solve even the toughest challenges.

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Elemental Geochemestry

Geochemistry by XRF

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is the most accepted analytic technology for grade control in mineral production and processing.
Transporting ore in and open pit mine

Grade Control and Bulk Geochemistry Solutions

Grade control is the classification of reserves into ore, low grade, waste material or metallurgical types. Bruker’s wide range of XRF instrumentation can meet any need in production monitoring for mining in the goal of separating waste from ore.
Collecting water

Maintenance, Remediation and Reclamation

Safe operations and effective remediation and reclamation of mine projects relies on a robust risk mitigation program grounded on analytical information. Bruker’s analytical tools have a place in both preventative maintenance plans and closure workflows.
Open pit mine

Mineralogy from Powder Diffraction XRD

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is a critical input for mining operations and process control. Mineral speciation can determine grade and processing options. XRD is also critical for identification of problematic gangue minerals that impact mineral processing or cause environmental impacts. Bruker’s dynamic portfolio of XRD instrumentation is applicable to all kinds of metallic and non-metallic commodities.

Process Mineralogy

Process mineralogy involves the analysis of relationships between ore and gangue (accessory) minerals to optimize the recovery of target elements. Bruker’s solutions for quantitative mineralogy provide critical information to process engineers and metallurgists throughout the processing workflow.