Poster Hall Applied

Poster Hall Applied

ASMS 2022

Poster 2022: Characterization of Asphaltenes obtained in the presence of minerals by MRMS

Poster 2022: Towards a DART-MS Technique with SPME that Provides a Rapid Screening Approach to PFAS Analysis

Poster 2022: Determination of cyclic PET oligomers migrated from new and recycled polymeric material in olive oil, water samples and food simulants

Poster 2022: Enhanced performance of 4D wide-scope target screening in environmental (bio)monitoring studies utilizing LC-ESI-TIMS-QTOF-MS and a comprehensive database

Poster 2022: Untargeted UHPLC-TOF/MS-based lipidomics approach for identifying differences in egg yolks from hens fed diets supplied with xylanase

Poster 2022: One-minute quantitative separation of complex carbohydrates for food analysis using direct infusion ESI-TIMS-QTOF mass spectrometry

Poster 2022: Workflow for rapid identification of oligomeric polyphenols in foods, beverages and dietary supple¬ments using advanced chemometric software

Poster 2022: Untargeted 4D-Metabolomics™ in animal tissues’ authenticity assessment, exploiting RP- & HILIC-HRMS analytical platforms incorporated with Trapped Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Poster 2022: High sensitivity analysis of low molecular weight synthetic polymers using MALDI-Ion Mobility-TOF MS

Poster 2022: Isomer structural elucidation of plastic materials caused by thermal degradation by using LC-ESI-Ion mobility-MS/MS and MetaboScape® software

Poster 2022: Characterization of Sustainably Degradable Polymers via Mass Spectrometry Techniques

Poster 2022: Matrix-free TLC-MALDI Analysis of Porphyrin Mixtures

Poster 2022: Potential of polymer-based MALDI matrices for the detection of food-relevant low molecular weight compounds: Application to crucial authenticity issues


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