SCiLS Lab Bibliography


SCiLS Lab Bibliography 2020

Title Author Publication Link
Simultaneous detection of zinc and its pathway metabolites using MALDI MS imaging of prostate tissue Andersen MK, Krossa S et al. Analytical Chemistry. 2020
In situ metabolite and lipid analysis of GluN2D−/− and wild-type mice after ischemic stroke using MALDI MSI Andrews WT, Donahue D et al. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2020:1-11
An imaging study by mass spectrometry of the spatial variation of cellulose and hemicellulose structures in corn stalks Arnaud B, Durand S et al. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2020
A Simple and Effective Sample Preparation Strategy for MALDI-MS Imaging of Neuropeptide Changes in the Crustacean Brain due to Hypoxia and Hypercapnia Stress Buchberger AR, Vu NQ et al. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2020
Spatial metabolomics of in situ host–microbe interactions at the micrometre scale Geier B, Sogin EM et al. Nature Microbiology. 2020;5(3):498-510
Simultaneous mass spectrometry imaging of multiple neuropeptides in the brain and alterations induced by experimental parkinsonism and L-DOPA therapy Hulme H, Fridjonsdottir E et al. Neurobiology of Disease. 2020:104738
Mass spectrometry imaging reveals lipid upregulation and bile acid changes indicating amitriptyline induced steatosis in a rat model Kampa JM, Sahin M et al. Toxicology letters. 2020
The effect of different fatty acid sources on wound healing in rats assessed by matrix-assisted-laser-desorption-ionization mass-spectroscopy-imaging Komprda T, Sládek Z et al. Acta Veterinaria Brno. 2020;88(4):443-9
Hepatotoxic effects of inhalation exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on lipid metabolism of C57BL/6 mice Li F, Xiang B et al. Environment international. 2020;134:105000
Differentiation of lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteropathy and small cell lymphoma in cats using histology-guided mass spectrometry Marsilio S, Newman SJ et al. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 2020
A Co-registration Pipeline for Multi-modal MALDI and Confocal Imaging Analysis of Stem Cell Colonies Nikitina A, Huang D et al. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2020
Localized metabolomic gradients in patient-derived xenograft models of glioblastoma Randall EC, Lopez BG et al. Cancer Research. 2020;80(6):1258-67
The role of a proprotein convertases inhibitor in reactivation of tumor associated macrophages and inhibition of glioma growth Rose M, Duhamel M et al. Molecular Therapy-Oncolytics. 2020
Detecting Proteomic Indicators to Distinguish Diabetic Nephropathy from Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis by Integrating Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging with High-Mass Accuracy Mass Spectrometry Smith A, Iablokov V et al. Kidney and Blood Pressure Research. 2020;45(2):233-48
Development of a high-coverage matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging method for visualizing the spatial dynamics of functional metabolites in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge Sun C, Liu W et al. Journal of Chromatography A. 2020;1614:460704
1, 1´-binaphthyl-2, 2´-diamine as a novel MALDI matrix to enhance the in situ imaging of metabolic heterogeneity in lung cancer Sun C, Liu W et al. Talanta. 2020;209:120557
The choice of tissue fixative is a key determinant for mass spectrometry imaging based tumor metabolic reprogramming characterization Sun C, Wang F et al. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2020:1-12
A spatially-resolved approach to visualize the distribution and biosynthesis of flavones in Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi Sun C, Zhang M et al. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 2020;179:113014
Effects of Thymoquinone on Small-Molecule Metabolites in a Rat Model of Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Assessed using MALDI-MSI Tian F, Liu R et al. Metabolites. 2020;10(1):27
Hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterned surfaces for directed evaporative preconcentration Tucker B, Hermann M et al. Analyst. 2020
Evaluation of the splenic injury following exposure of mice to bisphenol S: A mass spectrometry-based lipidomics and imaging analysis Zhao C, Yong T et al. Environment international. 2020;135:105378


SCiLS Lab Bibliography 2019

Title Author Publication Link
Extracellular Matrix Alterations in Low Grade Lung Adenocarcinoma Compared to Normal Lung Tissue by Imaging Mass Spectrometry Angel PM, Bruner E et al. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2019
Extracellular Matrix Imaging of Breast Tissue Pathologies by MALDI–Imaging Mass Spectrometry Angel PM, Schwamborn K et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(1):1700152
Neratinib protects pancreatic beta cells in diabetes Ardestani A, Li S et al. Nature communications. 2019;10(1):1-17
Integrative Clustering in Mass Spectrometry Imaging for Enhanced Patient Stratification Balluff B, Buck A et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(1):1800137
Dual strategy for reduced signal-suppression effects in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging Bastrup J, Birkelund S et al. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 2019;33(22):1711-21
Metal Oxide Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MOLI MSI) Using Cerium (IV) Oxide Basu SS, McMinn MH et al. Analytical chemistry. 2019;91(10):6800-7
Rapid MALDI mass spectrometry imaging for surgical pathology Basu SS, Regan MS et al. NPJ precision oncology. 2019;3(1):1-5
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging Linked with Top-Down Proteomics as a Tool to Study the Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Microenvironment Berghmans E, Van Raemdonck G et al. Methods and protocols. 2019;2(2):44
Antibody Panel Based N-Glycan Imaging for N-Glycoprotein Biomarker Discovery Black AP, Angel PM et al. Current protocols in protein science. 2019;98(1):e99
A novel mass spectrometry platform for multiplexed N-Glycoprotein biomarker discovery from patient biofluids by antibody panel based N-Glycan imaging Black AP, Liang H et al. Analytical chemistry. 2019;91(13):8429-35
Using the chemical noise background in MALDI mass spectrometry imaging for mass alignment and calibration Boskamp T, Lachmund D et al. Analytical Chemistry. 2019
Detection of small molecule concentration gradients in ocular tissues and humours Boughton BA, Thomas OR et al. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2019
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Early- and Late-Stage Serous Ovarian Cancer Tissue Reveals Stage-Specific N-Glycans Briggs MT, Condina MR et al. Proteomics. 2019;19(21-22):1800482
Translating N-glycan analytical applications into clinical strategies for ovarian cancer Briggs MT, Condina MR et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(3):1800099
Mass spectrometry-based integration and expansion of the chemical diversity harbored within a marine sponge Cantrell TP, Freeman CJ et al. Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2019;30(8):1373-84
Development of a class prediction model to discriminate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma from pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor by MALDI mass spectrometry imaging Casadonte R, Kriegsmann M et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(1):1800046
Biofilm inhibitor taurolithocholic acid alters colony morphology, specialized metabolism, and virulence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Condren AR, Kahl LJ et al. ACS Infectious Diseases. 2019
Targeted feature extraction in MALDI mass spectrometry imaging to discriminate proteomic profiles of breast and ovarian cancer Cordero Hernandez Y, Boskamp T et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(1):1700168
Assessing the effect of nitisinone induced hypertyrosinaemia on monoamine neurotransmitters in brain tissue from a murine model of alkaptonuria using mass spectrometry imaging Davison AS, Strittmatter N et al. Metabolomics. 2019;15(5):68
Age-related spatial differences of human lens UV filters revealed by negative ion mode MALDI imaging mass spectrometry Demarais NJ, Donaldson PJ, Grey AC Experimental eye research. 2019;184:146-51
Defining the Human Kidney N-Glycome in Normal and Cancer Tissues Using MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry Drake RR, McDowell C et al. Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 2019:e4490
Spatially resolved endogenous improved metabolite detection in human osteoarthritis cartilage by matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging Eveque-Mourroux M, Emans P et al. Analyst. 2019;144(20):5953-8
Pre-and Postoperative Neratinib for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Brain Metastases: Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium 022 Freedman RA, Gelman RS et al. Clinical breast cancer. 2019
Spatial UBE2N protein expression indicates genomic instability in colorectal cancers Gemoll T, Miroll E et al. BMC cancer. 2019;19(1):710
MALDI-Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Investigate Lipid and Bile Acid Modifications Caused by Lentil Extract Used as a Potential Hypocholesterolemic Treatment Genangeli M, Heijens AM et al. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2019;30(10):2041-50
Spatio-Temporal Metabolite and Elemental Profiling of Salt Stressed Barley Seeds During Initial Stages of Germination by MALDI-MSI and μ-XRF Spectrometry Gupta SVK, Rupasinghe TWT et al. Frontiers in plant science. 2019;10:1139
Revealing the Regional Localization and Differential Lung Retention of Inhaled Compounds by Mass Spectrometry Imaging Hamm GR, Bäckström E et al. Journal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery. 2019
Polydopamine-capped AgNPs as a novel matrix overcoming the ion suppression of phosphatidylcholine for MALDI MS comprehensive imaging of glycerophospholipids and sphingolipids in impact-induced injured brain Han C, Li S et al. Analyst. 2019;144(21):6304-12
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Derangements of amino acids in cachectic skeletal muscle are caused by mitochondrial dysfunction Kunzke T, Buck A et al. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle. 2019
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Histopathology-guided mass spectrometry differentiates benign nevi from malignant melanoma Lazova R, Smoot K et al. Journal of cutaneous pathology. 2019
MALDI–MSI Pilot Study Highlights Glomerular Deposits of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor as a Possible Indicator of Response to Therapy in Membranous Nephropathy L’Imperio V, Smith A et al. PROTEOMICS–Clinical Applications. 2019;13(3):1800019
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