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Tribology Testing for Coatings Wear and Durability Performance

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Submit the form for instant, full-length access to this session and related recordings from this event. In this session, Kora Farokhzadeh, Ph.D. (Application Scientist, Bruker) discusses and demonstrates the applicability of tribology testing for films and coatings. 


Learn how to measure the performance of films and coatings.

  • Understand the unique role of tribology testing in film and coating research and development.
  • Gain new insight into the design and execution of tribology testing for film and coating samples.
  • Calculate key tribological properties, like the coefficient of friction, and analyze other data outputs with the UMT and viewer software.
  • See Bruker's UMT TriboLab measure adhesion strength, mechanical failure modes, durability, and wear rate in real-time.


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Following a review of the role and applicability of tribology testing for film and coating research and development, the presenter will use the UMT TriboLab to perform microscratch and electrical contact resistance, friction, and wear tests of coatings. This will demonstrate the applicability of tribology testing for films and coatings within a tribosystem.

The presenter will show how to configure, execute, and then analyze the results of these tests, including a review of the various input and output data associated with each test. Understanding these parameters helps in the correct setup of the tribology test device and software.

These tests are an essential part of innovation across industries and fields; the data they provide supports efforts to engineer new and better coatings and surfaces via film/coating ranking and comparison, theoretical models verification, and failure analysis.