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Edible Oils and Fats

FT-NIR Analyzers for QC in the Lab and Production

Bruker Optics Solutions for the Edible Oil Industry

Near Infrared Spectroscopy has been a well-established technique in the agricultural sector for decades and is today an important element of quality control in the food industry. Modern multi-purpose FT-NIR spectrometers can analyze both, liquid and solid samples and are the ideal tool for the non-destructive and rapid analysis of oilseeds and finished oils throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The FT-NIR technology offers a lot of advantages over classical wet-chemical and chromatographic analyses. It is quick, cost-effective and safe, since no hazardous chemicals are used. It simply measures the absorption of near-infrared light of the sample at different wavelengths.

The key benefits of FT-NIR spectroscopy are:

  • no sample preparation, no waste
  • no special skills required
  • avoid typical operator errors of classical lab analyses
  • analyze multiple component in less than one minute
  • suitable for solid and liquid samples
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