Bruker Introduces New Liquid Sampling Module, LSM II, for its Integrated FT-NIR Milk and Dairy Analysis Solution

MPA II Dairy Analyzer – MPA II FT-NIR spectrometer with fully integrated LSM II Sampling Module.

ETTLINGEN, Germany ─ November 15, 2021 ─ Bruker announces the launch of the LSM II (Liquid Sampling Module), a reliable, fast, and cost-effective solution for the quality control (QC) of milk and liquid dairy products. Now fully integrated into the MPA II (Multi Purpose Analyzer) Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometer, the LSM II sampling module sets a new standard in routine QC for milk and dairy product analysis. NIR spectroscopy is an acknowledged method for all sample types described in the updated ISO 21543 IDF 201 guidelines released in 2020. The LSM II increases operational efficiencies, resulting in a increase in the total number of samples that can be tested per day.
Suitable for raw, processed, or standardized milk, whey, cream, concentrates and other milk products, such as ice cream and infant formula, any sample form can be analyzed in seconds in the lab or at-line near production, thanks to the small footprint of the MPA II. More frequent testing will result in tighter control, allowing manufacturers to adhere to regulations and, ultimately, achieve direct cost savings.

The updated MPA II Dairy Analyzer comes equipped with a rotary valve for versatile product analysis and now includes in-built tanks for the cleaning media. The minimum volume required for pumping has been reduced and the analysis speed increased for a more flexible workflow. Additionally, the sample presentation area’s height and angle can be adapted, allowing for small standardized sample handling and direct sampling from milk cartons or bottles.

Dr. Andreas Niemöller, Head of the Food Analysis Solutions Business Unit at Bruker Optics, commented: “Modern NIR technology can now be applied to all dairy samples due to our recent developments for the analysis of raw milk and other dairy liquids. Since the release of the updated ISO 21543 guidance, NIR developed a new momentum in today’s QC dairy labs. With the LSM II we present the next level of technology by offering a fully integrated instrument solution with better handling and a broader range of applications.”

The new module complements Bruker’s dairy portfolio, ranging from small footprint, touch screen accessible, dedicated analyzers to multiple channel analyzers for a full range of samples, as well as fully automated in-process systems for closed loop control. Bruker’s optical analyzers combine unrivalled flexibility and easy operation with state-of-the-art spectrometer technology.

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