CS/OHN-Analysis (CS/ONH) Webinar

Analysis of Light Elements (C,S – O,N,H) in Inorganic Materials

An introduction to combustion and fusion gas analysis.

The analysis of light elements can be particularly difficult, and with some analytical techniques, almost impossible. Join us for this educational webinar to learn about how combustion and fusion gas analysis can obtain accurate and precise results for inorganic materials.

Whether you’re in the steel, cement, mining, additive manufacturing, or aerospace industry, our gas analyzer product line is sure to make your lab life a lot easier. With our dedicated Application Scientists, Service and Sales Engineers, Bruker is able to help your company meet their analytical needs in the most efficient and affordable way.

During this 40-minute complimentary webinar, we:

  • Introduce Theory of Elemental Analysis
  • Instrumentation for Light Element Analysis
  • Bruker’s Product Line


Kristin Odegaard

Product Manager Combustion/Fusion Analysis (CS/ONH), Bruker AXS

Christian Zuehlke

Business Development Manager Combustion/Fusion Analysis (CS/ONH) Karlsruhe, Germany