Improving Beer Freshness: Using the Application of ESR Technology in Breweries

Exploring the impact of beer freshness on the market and use of ESR technology to monitor freshness, drinkability and consistency.

Producing fresher beer is always highly desirable for brewers and consumers alike. With the increasing level of competition amongst beer brands, the importance of brewing fresher beer has never been greater. We consider how to measure and improve beer freshness using the application of ESR technology throughout the production process.

Webinar Overview

Gain a greater understanding of beer freshness, and the importance of measuring its performance across the beer industry. Learn more about ESR technology and how it can help extend the shelf-life of beer.  Discover new generation microESR instruments and the impact they’re having on maximising beer freshness, drinkability and consistency in today’s market.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

01:00 PM CEST

What to Expect

Using a freshness and oxidation index, we consider where’s best to measure in the production process, and what the acceptable levels are. We will provide examples of actions taken in the brewing process to optimise beer freshness, and ultimately reduce the risk of undesirable product release.

Key Topics

  • Learn How to Monitor and Maximise Beer Freshness
  • Discover the Role of ESR technology and Impact of Implementing it
  • The first 30 registrants will receive a Free Beer Freshness Assessment 

Who Should Attend?

Essential for brewers, quality control technicians and sensory panel tasters to gain a greater understanding of the brewing process, and what actions to take to further optimise beer freshness. Beverage brand owners, particularly in the beer industry, will learn the commercial impact of brewing fresher beer in this webinar.


Richard Boughton

FlavorActiV CEO

Richard began his career as Corporate Brewmaster within a global brewing Group before investing in and joining FlavorActiV as CEO. Today Richard steers FlavorActiV’s globally located team, providing leading edge sensory and freshness quality systems for the world’s leading multi-beverage brand owners .

Dale Smith

Technical Director, FlavorActiV

As Technical Director, Dale oversees product development for GMP Flavour Standards and TVS software, as well as sensory research, IT systems, product quality and human / machine. His background in Forensic Science and product development has helped support FlavorActiV’s top customers for over 10 years.