Analytical Data Processing: Get to know the new Bruker Chemist Suite

Webinar Overview

Bruker Chemist Suite is a new software solution offered exclusively to Bruker customers. It contains a set of efficient tools for data management, processing, analysis and reporting of various analytical data (NMR, LC/GC/MS, UV-Vis, IR, Raman, Fluorescence). It also provides powerful modules for quantification and purity determination, for generating IUAPC name from chemical structure and for NMR spectra prediction. Bruker Chemist Suite is our new solution for confirmation of chemical structure identity and structure verification.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

9:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM CEST

What to expect

This webinar will give you a sneak preview on the features that Bruker Chemist Suite is offering. You will get a general overview of the software (brief summary of the plugins that make up this package), as well as practical examples. The practical session will particularly focus on structure verification.

Who Should Attend?

Anybody who is interested in a software that can be used for a broad range of post-acquisition processing tasks of analytical data, such as processing, analysis, reporting, quantification and structure verification.  


Jérôme Coutant

NMR Application Scientist at Bruker BioSpin and Product Manager of Structure Verification

Jerome Coutant studied chemistry at undergraduate level and hold a PhD in NMR spectroscopy from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, working on structure determination of proteins and protein-protein complexes. He then joined Université d’Evry as post-doctoral researcher and used NMR to solve the structure of small and medium-sized peptides. He moved to Bruker in 2007 as an application scientist, with a focus on liquid state NMR for small molecules.

Dr. Gary Sharman

Senior Scientific Director

Gary recently joined Mestrelab after more than 20 years working in the Pharma industry, most recently for Eli Lilly where he spent 15 years in discovery chemistry at the Erl Wood site in the UK. He worked within the analytical chemistry group, specialising in NMR spectroscopy and the processing and management of data. Prior to that he worked in the NMR group at AstraZeneca, within the development chemistry group at Macclesfield UK. Gary studied for a PhD entitled “structure elucidation and molecular recognition in Secondary metabolites” with Professor Dudley Williams at the University of Cambridge, where he also completed his undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences.