Olive Oil Profiling with NMR at University of Salento

November 24th, 15:00 CET

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Key Learning Points

  • Description of NMR as a technique for the analysis of food products
  • The application of NMR as a tool for routine, daily analysis of olive oil
  • Introduction to Olive Oil Profiling 2.0 method
  • The use of NMR for verification of the declared geographical origin and quantification of parameters
  • Real-life examples: Olive Oil analysis examples

Who should attend?

The webinar will appeal to olive oil bottling and valorizing companies, commercial analytical service providers, exporters, importers, and people working in regulatory or governmental bodies. It will also be of interest to NMR specialists and people working in Academia.

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Origin and authenticity of food products is gaining in popularity, with consumers demanding more information about the purity, quality, and origin of the food products they buy. 

Addressing these needs, Bruker has developed the Olive Oil-Profiling™ 2.0 solution for the authenticity and quality analysis of olive oil. The method, offered on the well-established FoodScreener and the cryogen-free Fourier 80 benchtop system platforms, addresses the different requirements of the olive oil industry, private testing laboratories and government laboratories.

In this webinar, Professor Fanizzi will talk about his experience with the NMR as a technique and the Olive Oil Profiling 2.0 method.

With NMR profiling, a fingerprint of the olive oil sample is acquired, and many parameters are analysed simultaneously. The approaches applied for verification of country of origin, verification of Extra Virgin quality grade, Quantitative analysis of EU-regulated and IOC parameters and the detection of atypical profiles will be explained.


Francesco Paolo Fanizzi

General and Inorganic Chemistry Full Professor
Biological and Environmental Science and Technology Department University of Salento, Lecce, Italy 

Francesco Paolo FANIZZI, full professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy, Biological and Environmental Science and Technology Department since 1.10.2000, was born in Conversano (Bari) Italy 7.11.1956 and completed his studies as Doctor in Chemistry 26.3.1982 (Bari University). Research assistant (Faculty of Farmacy, University of Bari 8.11.1983 - 31.10.1992), associate professor of Inorganic Chemistry (Faculty of Science, University of Bari 1.11.1992 - 30.9.2000), he is presently responsible for the Metabolomic Unit, General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, University of Salento and has been in charge for the high field NMR facility at Cancer Research Centre, Consortium CARSO Valenzano-Bari Italy. Prof. Fanizzi is past President of the Inorganic Chemistry Division-Società Chimica Italiana (SCI), past President of the SCI-Apulia Regional Board, Director of the Interuniversity Research Consortium for the Chemistry of Metals in Biological Systems (CIRCMSB) and Director of the University Center for the Management of Research Projects and Fund raising of the University of Salento. Prof. Fanizzi served also as consultant of the Italian Parliamentary Commission of Investigation on the Phenomena of Counterfeiting, Piracy in Commercial Field and Abusive Commerce, as member of the Apulia Region Task Force for scientific research on CoDiRO (against the Xylella fastidiosa outbreak) and as Consorzio Nazionale Olivicoltori (CNO) expert, at the bilateral EU/US “Regulatory Cooperation on verification analysis of Olive Oil” committee and the International Olive Council (COI) meetings. He is presently Correspondent Member of the Italian National Academy of Olive and Oil and Member of the Scientific Committee of the “Frantoiani di Puglia” Association.

Thomas Spengler
Director Market Management Food Feed Beverages & Head of Lean Customer Development, AIC Division, Bruker BioSpin GmbH

Thomas holds a master's degree from Technical University Munich in food engineering and he is in charge of the Food, Feed & Beverage markets. His main focus is to support the business growth, identify new markets and segments and translate the voice of the customers into new solutions which address their needs.