SpinFit Liquids: New module for simulating and fitting CW-EPR spectra of liquid samples

Webinar Overview

Analysis of EPR spectra is a crucial step when using EPR spectroscopy for industrial applications or in research-related questions. Often interpretation of liquid-state CW spectra can be challenging, especially without appropriate software help. SpinFit Liquids is a user-friendly but sophisticated simulation and fitting software, that helps the user to understand these spectra.

This webinar will provide an overview of the SpinFit Liquids module for Bruker EPR spectrometers. EPR spectra in the liquids-state can be complicated for a variety of reasons: spectra can be of poor quality due to a low concentration, spectra can contain overlapping signals and multiple components, and only partially averaged out anisotropy can broaden EPR lines. These problems hamper analysis of EPR spectra, sometimes to a point in which it is impossible to draw any conclusions at all. Sophisticated features of SpinFit Liquids, like a simulation library of existing reactive oxygen adducts, fitting of isotropic and anisotropic rotational correlations times, and automated detection of the motional regime will help the user to solve the above-mentioned problems.

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

10:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM CEST

Who Should Attend?

Academic and industrial customers who do any kind of research that involves interpretation of liquid-state EPR spectra. Examples include analysis of reactive oxygen species (ROS) data, and nitroxide-labelled proteins or nucleic acid molecules.


Dr. Thilo Hetzke

EPR Applications Scientist at Bruker BioSpin

Thilo Hetzke received his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry in 2015 at the Goethe University Frankfurt. He then started his PhD work in the group of Prof. Thomas Prisner at Frankfurt, which he completed in 2020. In his PhD research, he mainly focused on applications of pulsed dipolar and hyperfine EPR techniques on RNA molecules and Mn2+ complexes. After a short post-doctoral stay in Frankfurt, Thilo joined Bruker in 2021 as an Applications Scientist in EPR.

Dr. Sylwia Kacprzak

Market Product Manager

Sylwia Kacprzak received her M.Sc. degree in Chemistry at the University of Maria Curie Sklodowska in Poland. Her EPR career began during her Ph. D. research at the University of Würzburg with a focus on investigations of the electron paramagnetic resonance parameters of bioradicals by density functional methods. Two postdoctoral positions followed at FU Berlin and University of Freiburg, where she gained extensive expertise in CW-EPR and FT-EPR techniques taking advantage of her theoretical background. In 2016, Sylwia joined Bruker as an Applications Scientist.


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