SC-XRD Live Online Seminar:

Unlocking Efficiency: SC-XRD and APEX Software Breakthrough

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In the dynamic field of modern materials research, understanding material properties, verifying purity, and exploring molecular structures are essential endeavors. Among the powerful tools available, Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD) stands out. It allows to precisely reveal the atomic configuration within crystals, spanning from minerals to intricate proteins. Experts across disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, and geosciences benefit from SC-XRD, enhancing their grasp of structure, coordination, and reactivity.

Join us for an engaging seminar where we delve into this captivating method, highlighting recent advancements in speed and accessibility. The synergy between robust hardware and intuitive software is crucial for seamless SC-XRD execution. Our APEX software suite, a leader in SC-XRD applications, will take center stage after a concise introduction to the technique. Through select examples, we will showcase SC-XRD’s pivotal role in cutting-edge research and spotlight the latest enhancements in our software.

Agenda (45 min)

  • Insights from SC-XRD 
  • Rapid structure determination with the latest hardware 
  • The APEX software suite:
            Exceptional speed in data collection and analysis
            Innovative tools to boost research productivity  
  • Expert Q&A Session 


Dr. Martin Adam

SC-XRD Product Manager, Bruker AXS

Dr. Tobias Stürzer

Head of Global SC-XRD Application