Clean Water Package 

Elemental Analysis of Environmental Water Samples In The Field

The Clean Water Package (CWP) is an attractive offer for on-site analysis campaigns of fresh water, wastewater and effluents. The package is supplied with the wastewater reference standard SPS-WW2 already prepared on quartz discs.

The S2 PICOFOX is a compact, portable benchtop TXRF (Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence) spectrometer for the simultaneous detection of ultra-trace element in a range of sample types. The package's affordable price makes it an ideal instrument for use across academia, private industry and government. 

This spectrometer package provides cost-effective on-site screening of a wide range of samples and a subsequent selection of samples for laboratory analyses. The instrument requires no media and can be easily transported to remote sites to screen any environmental sample for trace elements.

The CWP is well suited for the analysis of sewage and wastewater, mining effluents, contaminated seawater and process waters, as well as for environmental forensics. 


  • S2 PICOFOX spectrometer equipped with Line focus X-ray tube with Mo target, an XFlash® silicon drift detector with 60 mm2 active area, and automatic sample changer with a capacity of 25 sample disks
  • Notebook PC
  • TXRF accessories
  • Wastewater standard SPS-WW2 prepared on three quartz discs
  • Wastewater Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) including calibration

The typical combined power consumption for the spectrometer and PC is around 220 W. For on-site campaigns without a power supply the use of a portable power station with a minimal capacity of 750 Wh and at least two power sockets is recommended.

Application Example:

Preparation & Analysis of Wastewater Standard Samples (SPS-WW2)

The S2 PICOFOX is a compact, portable benchtop TXRF spectrometer for simultaneous detection of ultra-trace elements of wastewater. Below we describe the preparation and analysis of the wastewater reference standard SPS-WW2.

  • Transfer of 1 ml sample into reaction vials
  • Addition of 5 μl Gallium solution (0.1 g/l) for internal standardization
  • Addition of 100 μl polyvinyl alcohol solution
  • (0.3 g/l) for homogeneous sample drying
  • Transfer of 10 μl solution onto siliconized quartz glass sample carrier
  • Drying on hot plate

A full instrument load of 8 samples prepared in triplicate can be prepared in less than 30 min.

TXRF spectrum of the reference standard SPS-WW2 measured with the S2 PICOFOX CWP
Recovery values of the reference standard SPS-WW2 measured with the S2 PICOFOX CWP

Nominal element concentrations of the wastewater reference standard SPS-WW2 and typical detection limits of the S2 PICOFOX

Element Nominal Conc. (μg/L) LOD (μg/L)
Aluminum 1000 1211.0
Phosphorus 5000 197.0
Vanadium 500 9.2
Chromium 1000 10.3
Manganese 2000 9.8
Iron 5000 7.8
Cobalt 300 5.2
Nickel 5000 6.2
Copper 2000 4.7
Zinc 3000 7.9
Arsenic 500 1.2
Lead 500 1.4