S2 POLAR Applications

Refineries – From Ultra-Low Sulfur to Crude Oils

Sulfur concentrations are strongly regulated in automotive fuels. The current sulfur limit is at 10 ppm in many countries around the world and others are to follow. This specification requires the monitoring of Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) limits in diesel and gasoline, not only in refineries but also along the downstream supply chain including transport in pipelines, storage at terminal stations and tank farms, and inspection at petrol stations.

The S2 POLAR complies with the following S international norms:

  • ASTM D7220, D4294
  • ISO 13032, 20847, 8754
  • IP 336, 496, 532
  • JIS K2541-4

It’s not all about sulfur: In refinery processes other elements are required to be monitored as well. Such monitoring include e.g. Ni and V (ASTM D8252) and Fe as they have a negative impact on catalysts in Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) units or Cl as source of corrosion in piping and tubes (ASTM D4929).

With its multi-element capability, the S2 POLAR is well suited for the analytical demands of refineries in one single instrument.

S2 POLAR Refinery Analyzer

  Specification Benefit

Elemental analysis in refineries e.g. sulfur analysis of

  • gasoline, diesel
  • biodiesel
  • kerosene, jet fuel, heating oil
  • naphtha, residual oil to crude

Further elements on request (e. g. P, Cl, Fe, Ni, V)

All refinery applications on one unit

ASTM D7220-17: Sulfur in automotive, heating, and jet fuels from 3 ppm to 942 ppm

ASTM D4294-16: Sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products from 16 ppm to 5 %

Ready-to-analyze solutions* for ASTM D7220 and D4294 including blanks, set of standards, QC and DC samples

Fulfills ISO 13032, 20847, 8754, IP 336, 496, 532, and JIS K 2541-4

Norm-compliant sulfur analysis, internationally accepted, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS) applications


Dedicated, optional pre-installed push button methods to fit for purpose

Detection Limit (LLD) 0.5 ppm S at 300 s measurement time Precise and accurate S measurements, including ultra-low sulfur (ULS). Enables thesh-hold relevant process control at all steps in refineries
Measurement Range 3 ppm to 5 % S, combined in one calibration with automated line switch
Higher concentrations on request
One calibration with wide concentration range
Remarks * Optional packages