MPA II Dairy Analyzer

Bruker’s MPA II Dairy Analyzer with the software controlled Liquid Sampling Module (LSM II) sets a new standard in routine QC for the analysis of liquid and solid samples.


for the Milk & Dairy Industry

FT-NIR Analysis of Milk & Dairy Products

Bruker's MPA II Dairy Analyzer sets a new standard for quality control and analysis of liquid and solid samples in the dairy industry with the software-controlled Liquid Sampling Module (LSM II). With homogenizer and peristaltic pump, the LSM II has two options for sample delivery including automated cleaning cycles and visible tubing for easy inspection. The modular concept is based on Bruker's MPA II FT-NIR instrument.

  • Transmission measurement through a thermostatted quartz flow cell with 1mm (1,000μm) path length for all liquids. The maintenance free design shows no cuvette wear over time. Viscous samples like concentrates can be pumped through easily, even if they contain small particles or sugar crystals.
  • Reflection analysis for all solid and semi-solid sample forms with the integrating sphere in sample cups for powder samples and for semi-solids in disposable polystyrene or alternatively glass or quartz Petri dishes. The sample is rotated during analysis to obtain the average result from a larger sample volume.


A quick Tour of the MPA II Dairy Analyzer

Hands-on demo of the MPA II Dairy Analzer with liquid and solid samples.  
Frequently asked questions about the MPA II Dairy Analyzer answered.

Fast and reliable for Liquids and Solids

The Liquid Sampling Module LSM II allows the automated sampling and homogenizing (if required) for analyzing milk and various liquid products:

  • Raw, skim, processed and condensed milk
  • Whey, UF whey and whey concentrate
  • Cream
  • Whey protein and lactose concentrates
  • Milk drinks and flavored milk
  • Ice Cream, liquid desserts and yoghurts
  • Infant formula liquids & premixes


With the integrating sphere, heterogeneous materials can be analyzed without sample preparation in diffuse reflection. The use of easy-to-clean sample cups, beakers and Petri dishes enable an efficient sample throughput at low cost making it ideal for:
  • Whey and whey protein products
  • Milk and whey protein powders
  • Cheese and butter
  • Yoghurt and desserts