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FT-IR Spectroscopy Software OPUS


Welcome to our download area: here we offer several downloads related to OPUS as well as IR-, NIR- and Raman spectroscopy.

  • OPUS Viewer: OPUS Viewer is a free program that can open all kinds of Bruker's OPUS, JCAMP-DX and Galactic Grams files while data processing and evaluation is not possible. It allows you to display spectral data (spectra, interferograms etc.) as well as other data saved together with the spectrum such as reports with evaluation results, measurement parameters, audit trails, signatures etc. There is no installer or setup program required. Just extract the contents of the zip archive to a directory of your choice, then directly run the executable Opus.exe from there. IMPORTANT: If on the same computer there is already an existing installation of the full OPUS version, please do NOT install the OPUS Viewer.


  •  OPUS for Linux: free beta version with rather limited functionality. Use it free for your evaluation but also at your own risk. No support from Bruker Optics.
  • Guide for Infrared Spectroscopy: the Guide for Infrared Spectroscopy is an extensive collection of useful information and tables for infrared spectroscopists.

  • OPUS Error Reporting: if you encounter any trouble or bugs with OPUS the official email address to report this is opusbugs(at) In case of more complex problems we have put together some guide lines and instructions on how to collect and report the information that really helps us locating and fixing possible issues. 


  • OPUS End User License Agreement: