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Laboratory Data Management

Bruker offers a wide range of laboratory data management solutions through its portfolio of Arxspan products.

Cloud-Based Laboratory Software Solutions

The Arxspan Cloud-Based Solution

The portfolio of scientific workflow solutions will change the way you do research.
  • Featuring a suite of modules including Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), Registration, Inventory and Assay Data Management
  • Delivered as a 100% web-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications, meaning no additional development work is needed
  • Providing customers with the opportunity to manage all aspects of their laboratory processes and workflows in a single system, without the need for any custom code

Integrated Data = More Informed Decision Making

The integrated data housed across the Arxspan suite is optimized using Arxspan Search.

A decision support tool, this solution enables querying, visualizing, and reporting of data from the Arxspan Notebook, Registration, Assay, and Inventory modules.

Arxspan Search allows users to perform real-time searching and sorting of compound, material, assay, and inventory data, and to customize the layout of these results.

Collaboration and Project Oversight

Understanding both the status of work being performed as well as viewing the experiments executed by both internal teams and CROs in near real time is critical.

All products feature Arxspan Workflow, which enables creation of new work requests for internal and external partners.

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Arxspan Analytical

Get back the 90 minutes of your day spent looking for data from different instruments with this integrated, highly scalable solution that automates the collection of instrument data.

Arxspan Assay

See all your assay data from each of your research teams in one place, saving time and increasing collaboration and efficiency.

Arxspan BioDrive

All biology and chemistry data available in the cloud or on your desktop.

Arxspan Inventory

Arxspan Inventory allows you to know with confidence the status of your biological and chemical inventory items across individual or multiple sites.

Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Eliminate costly and timely hardware acquisition, maintenance and IT overheard associated with typical ELNs. Arxspan’s ELN is deployed in a private, secure Arxspan Cloud environment, getting you up and running faster.

Arxspan Registration

Make better informed scientific decisions by organizing and accessing your chemical and biological material and compound data using Arxspan Registration.


Whether you work in pharma, academia, or industry, our Bruker scientists understand your scientific research and our Arxpsan portfolio can improve your productivity, saving you time and money.


The Bruker Arxspan solutions were created by scientists for scientists. Streamline workflows, increase productivity, protect sensitive IP, and leverage existing investments all without jeopardizing regulatory compliance.
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