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Achieve consistent results with "good-to-go" assurance

Powerful data quality review

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With TwinScape™, the power to track, review and compare data quality over time is at your fingertips. When combined with digital twin technology for instrument health monitoring, the combination provides total assurance in the performance of your liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry investments.

TwinScape™ provides at-a-glance indicators of timsTOF status that ensure users know they're "good-to-go" prior to sample analysis. QC data archiving, filtering and comparison ensures users are aware of trends in data quality, promoting reproducibility in omics studies across time and instruments.

The power of a winning trio: TwinScape™, Bruker ProteoScape™, and the iRT Kit

Unlock the full potential of your proteomics research with the seamless integration of TwinScape™ and Bruker's cutting-edge proteomics software solution. Discover a world of precision and accuracy as Bruker ProteoScape™ revolutionizes your QC workflow by leveraging the iRT peptides. By harnessing the power of this intelligent combination, you can effortlessly evaluate and optimize the performance of your LC-MS system.

Stay in control and gain invaluable insights into your QC samples and iRT peptide metrics. With TwinScape™, Bruker ProteoScape™, and the iRT Kit working in perfect sync, you can confidently track and monitor every aspect of your proteomics experiments.

QC Sample:​

  • Number of protein groups​
  • Number of stripped peptides​
  • Number of precursors

iRT peptides:

  • Precursor intensity/area

  • Precursor mass accuracy​​
  • Retention time ​​
  • MS/MS quality​ 
  • FWHM​​
  • 1/K0

TwinScape™ together with Bruker ProteoScape™ and Biognosys iRT peptides facilitates optimal run conditions at any time.

"At NBCC (located at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute), we support a variety of projects in our Proteomics facility. As such, it’s critical that our instruments are at peak performance and that we always have a pulse on them. The combination of Bruker ProteoScape, TwinScape and the Biognosys iRT kit have become integral for monitoring the instruments in our facility, to ensure everything is operating up to standard. TwinScape is a great place to get an overhead, over-time view of our QC and system performance in simple to view plots. It has been especially useful in helping us go back to ProteoScape to help us pinpoint whether it is a sample, MS or LC problem."

Anne-Claude Gingras, Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Director Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Vice President Research, Sinai Health, Toronto, Canada

"The system QC module in Bruker ProteoScape™ in combination with the Biognosys iRT kit and TwinScape™ allows us to monitor both our liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry in real time, enabling us to ensure that our entire platform is running smoothly and precious clinical samples are not lost. Combined with the complete Bruker Ecosystem, from sample prep to data analysis, we are able to go from sample to results on large cohort clinical proteomics analysis projects in a short amount of time helping us to maintain our requirements in sensitivity, robustness, traceability and analytical quality parameters."

Eduardo Chicano-Gálvez, Head of IMIBIC Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Imaging Unit, Cordoba, Spain

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